Saturday, November 27, 2010

Secular Group Think.

Okay kids, a follow up to a post I did yesterday regarding the Pope and condoms. So let's tackle a few issues shall we, so that the socialists along with their Orwellian mindset and revisionist history can crawl back under whatever rock they came out from and thus return to scheming and engineering their next piece of creative writing,..So here goes, are you listening? Hey,..put down your 'Development and Peace' water bottle nonsense, women's ordination crap and your Rainbow whatevers and just listen! The CHURCH is NOT and will NOT change Her position on condoms! Now I encourage everyone to break out their environmentally safe crayons and tattoo that statement on some social justice heads! I suppose within the same degree of common sense, that if a crack addict used clean needles, that would mean I'm justifying his drug use? Common!

Yesterday at the gym, a client asked me my opinion, to which I replied, if I am Catholic, I have already submitted my intellect and will to the Church.(you do that at Confirmation..btw...) She went on to lecture me about AIDS and how condoms prevent them. Really? Reaaaaaally? Y'know what here is a recurring theme,..the Catholic Church is just that, want episcopalian/Anglo whatever? Fine, leave! Stop claiming the title Catholic! You want to prevent AIDS? Stop sleeping around,.be monogamous,..Wow what a novel idea!! Try reading the Theology of the Body,..

Click on Facebook, and join us over at Generation Benedict: Orthodox Catholic Young Adults. Big thanks to Jason and Christina for getting the ball rolling, let's light some liberal houses on fire!

St Andre de Montreal,.....priez pour nous!


Left-Footer said...

If I was a young adult I would certainly join!

Fine post! God bless.

Marco said...

You're only as young as you feel!! BTW,..are you on facebook?

Left-Footer said...

Yes I am - as Christopher Wright, my real name. I don't use it much, but going there now.

Marco said...

There are many, you have a picture? If not just add me,..

Teresa said...

Great post! You preach it brother!

Abstinence is the solution.