Monday, November 1, 2010

A Diversion,..'.Il Cane' by Suela

Chill. After the politics, heterodoxy, and the overall garbage coupled with verbal diarrhea polluting our intellectual and social landscape, even I need downtime! Yes,..even a beast like Optimusmastro can appreciate a good song. Notice, she's not talking about anything 'risque'(by the way if you have a problem with this song, need medical help, seriously) just a great tribute, albeit in Italian to man's best friend! Therein lies true talent...Sit back and enjoy what I think is a good song, You can link to it from my twitter feed. She is local talent, ambitious,..with an unbelievable drive, unbelievable voice and infectious work ethic! Good Stuff Suela! Even the dragon known as Optimusmastro can appreciate it! Simple enough, it is a song about 'dogs.' In Italian,..'il cane.' Enjoy!

Simple enough,..yet relaxing,..

Cause Optimus said so! Got a problem? (I think I want a puppy! ;)

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