Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Optimusmastro Calls out the Heartbreak Kid!

Okay,..I admit that this title is a little misleading, however the premise behind it is not. First off, let me clarify a little nugget, I am a wrestling fan and tend to express myself given that type of energy. That being said, the reason for this post dates back to an earlier post as well as a post on the WWE Universe. Now I maintain a few blogs,.one of them about prowrestling, so why am I issuing this challenge over here on 'Confessions.' The answer is simple. I'm not calling out Shawn Michaels for a wrestling match, I'm calling him out regarding some comments he made in his book about the Catholic Church and being true to the Bible.

To be honest, Shawn Michaels has been/is my favorite wrestler. I've followed his career from modest beginnings in the AWA all the way to WWE. From 'Midnight' Rocker to Heartbreak Kid, tag team specialist to world champion, I've seen him do it all. I was also present during Survivor Series 1997 when he and McMahon 'screwed' Bret Hart. Remember that I am a Montrealer. Fast forward to 2002. Shawn makes his return to WWE tv and something is different. He changed, I also had changed. He was know living out his baptismal promises or attempting to and I was doing the same. The difference was, I returned to my Catholic Faith acknowledging it as the One true Faith, while HBK left his Church for an ecclesial community.

I do not doubt Shawn's conversion. Sadly though, I've seen this pattern all too many times. A person claims to be 'catholic' when in reality they cling to a cultural identity instead of a living faith in Jesus's Ressurection. Shawn's catholicism most probably stemmed from his irish upbringing, living a secular lifestyle and then going to Church on Sunday. Let's be clear,..I take nothing away from my evangelical brethren,.they serve as an example on how to follow Christ far better than most Catholics. They are honored with the name Christian and strive to follow the Gospel as best they know how. But herein is where the problem lies. To quote Father Corapi,: 'They do more with less!'

Now I'm not going to go on a full out apologetical assault, (besides the praying the Rosary for you hehehe...) because if by chance you get to see this post, I would like you to comment on it. Shawn, whether you or your wife said that you felt the Catholic Church wasn't true to the Bible,..I'm gonna say with full confidence that She (the Church) is the only entity that is authentically true to the Bible. Revelations? Shawn!!! That's the entire Mass coming off the pages!! Brother!! Look I'm gonna calm down from this promo and ask you to pray about it. In the meantime, look up these dates.

Council of Hippo(New Testament)
Council of Carthage(New Testament ratified for final time)

You possibly can't accept milk from an apostasized cow!!! Look at the Church through the lenses of philosophy(metaphysics), history, ecclesiology,...Its the ONLY one that fulfills,..ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC!

Good luck at Wrestlemania against Undertaker!

God Bless



Jan Baker said...

Marco! I love that part, 'Revelations? That's the whole mass coming off the page!' because it's so true so true!

I hope he reads it. If I were him, I'd be convinced. You sure write with a lot of energy!

Thanks for your comments on my blog.

I sure love our Church, and our Lord. We're so lucky. And it's easy to feel that way, with brothers in the faith like you.

Suzanne said...

I had no idea you were from Montreal (I surfed in from your Twitter account). I am fighting the same battle. I grew up in Quebec City and now live in Ottawa. I operate Big Blue Wave

And Le ciel est bleu

Don't get me started on the Church in Quebec!

I actually feel that since I'm outside Quebec, I have a freer hand to say what I think.

Marco said...

Merci beaucoup Suzanne! Vos commentaires sont bien apprecier!