Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Don't Want to go off on a Rant but...

Ever since 'Confessions' was initialized, my posts have reflected the erratic interests of my life. Faith, politics, transformers(not so much...)and other issues of the day which were interwoven at that particular moment. Lately, I have noticed that my posts are more and more Catholic and more in defense of the Magisterium instead of the 'progressive' bs put forward by today's so-called theoligians. An email I received and had the unfortunate pleasure of reading labeled me a radical reactionist! All I have to say to that sender is 'Thanks!' So I have been called 'Rigid,' 'Reactionary,' 'Medieval,' and now 'Radical!' Yesss! To that priest who reads me faithfully,..(you know who you are...)I say I'm now two adjectives ahead of you,..nahnahnanana! LOL! Hopefully you too will get the latter terms. Imagine all this because I happen to believe in authentic Catholicism and authentic Vatican II!

On a serious note, I'm noticing a trend. People who agree with what I have to say sometimes make comments on my blog. Then again sometimes they don't, they'll just send an email to my Google address. The people who don't agree with what I have to say never make a comment! They only send hatemail. At first, I was disturbed, but know I realize that they share every characteristic of a 'bully.' Oh yeah, they talk about 'dialogue' and 'discourse' but in the end, when you shine a light and call them out, they scurry away and hide. A few posts ago, I issued a challenge to one person, the silence of course was deafening. Out of respect, I will never divulge who that person is, however if they truly believed in their cause for reforming the Church, women's ordination, homosexual 'marriage' eco-whatever,..they would surely 'step up.' I have to come to conclude they won't or ever will.

To conclude, I realize that this post was more of a 'promo' than anything else, however rest assured that I have spent time in front of the Blessed Sacrament in order to say what needs to be said. I Marco/Optimusmastro am not closed minded. I do however close my mind around Truth. I Marco/Optimusmastro am not opposed to ecumenical dialogue,.I do however, believe as the Church believes, that these entounters with our seperated brethren must bear fruit and not be an excuse to justify 'I'm Okay, You're Okay...' Finally I Marco/Optimusmastro believe that I have free will. That being said, I make a Free choice to follow the Church which is the Mystical Body of Christ. Those that want to 'reform' blah, blah, blah...should make the same free choice and leave the Church.

Until next time God Bless, and don't forget to pray your Rosary!

PS. Still no word from HBK!!! I guess he is preparing for Wrestlemania!!!lol!!!


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