Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fitness 'Gurus' and Snake Oil Production

A few months back I wrote about an impending exam I was to have taken regarding a certification as a personal trainer. Well, I wrote the exam and sadly, I passed with flying colors. A little history,..while decompressing the stresses of life, I decided to work at a gym(my uncle's) while at the same time working out. Taking an active role behind the counter enabled me to process the many different theories and fads within the gym industry all claiming to be the next 'evolution' in muscle gain, or loss of fat. One faithful day, I heard the ultimate whopper,..I will not mention it because I have already had it out with 'said' individual regarding an issue pertaining to his/her lack of knowledge within the industry. My friend, who is a scientist, had to keep himself from falling off the stool, because although I am not mentioning this issue, it fell within the category of lacking basic grade 9 biology. I was told I didn't know, because they were qualified. Fair enough.

The next day, after a long night of online investigation, I proposed to my friend that we should just write the exam for fun, see what happens. I borrowed a textbook from a friend, (this textbook belonged to another certification program...)read it twice, memorized a glossary of terms and was ready for action. The exam was 90 questions in part one,..120 questions in part two, a case study, then finally a practical exam. We watched video, and basically mimicked what we were taught. The drive back was laborious. Although now technically certified,..I felt like I needed a shower. This whole industry is a scam! Personal training certifications abound in number, (500 different bodies alone in the US). What does that tell you,..well, if I were smart, I would have created a company to certify myself, then go into business! Oh well.

You want a trainer, remember that you will be paying someone to be your friend for an hour, if not do your homework! Make sure the individual is knowledgable and passionate about his/her trade. This link, is one I will personally endorse and is the epidimy of knowledge and professionalism.



Rae said...

That is a little scary. I tend to place a high value on the recommendations of friends when choosing something/one like a trainer.

Marco said...

Absolutely its scary,..then again think of chiropracters, are they really doctors? Look at the entire detox industry...nuff said!