Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Case of Online Multiple Personality Disorder!

Moonlighting as a personal trainer, I have found myself trying to create a character different from my online persona. Marco Mastro is very Thomistic minded while my alter ego Optimusmastro might attempt to sell his mother to a goldfish farm in order to turn a profit. Actually that's not entirely true. Optimusmastro earns a living by promoting other people's products online, however I have not stooped too far in my goals of reaching online solicitation. (Translation: I have not become the online Amway guy...) As a trainer, I understand that first and foremost my strength lies within an information medium, I like to write articles, and I have a strange allergic reaction to junk science or any other gimmick now coming to fruition within the fitness/nutrition world. Marco Mastro delves in Catholic Apologetics, Optimusmastro sells stuff online, therefore I would like this opportunity to introduce my latest incarnation as Wolver....err sorry, got carried away, Optimusmuscle! Wow! Even I can comment as to whether or not 'Cheesy' or better still its french counterpart, 'fromage' (to be pronounced with a heavy english accent...)ca adequately describe this attempt at marketing.

Well,..I know this post is devoid of substance, but I felt levity was in order,..therefore should anyone have any suggestions as to what I should call myself while doing doing the fitness 'thing' kindly email me, or leave a comment.


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