Thursday, February 11, 2010


Last week, Michael Voris from RealCatholictv broke a story about the United States Bishops' Conference being in bed with the pro-choice/pro-gay 'marriage' league of left leaning socialists and hippie survivors from the sixties. Well,..I guess that about explains it! You see for the last two years, this blog has served at least in a minimal capacity to underscore authentic true Catholicism. Not the Social Justice crowd, (btw that title is a sure giveaway...)that conveniently silences abortion or the gay agenda. It's about time people people are starting to wake up to the fruit of Vatican II,..not the magical demonic 'spirit of the council.' (Notice how I did not capitalize that part!) Things are lookin up folks,.and the hippie priests are slowly dying out being replaced by younger orthodox ones! We in Canada are experiencing the same trend!

What can we do? The answer is pray! That's for sure,..but we also need to confront nonsense where it occurs! Too many people blindly do what their parish priest tells them. We forget that his authority is delegated by Christ to the Bishops and must be in line with the teachings of the Church. That's not to say we should be rude and confrontational,..but we need to know our Faith and assert it! Funny, we don't see movies being made at the expense of the Muslim religion...or the Jewish Faith,..why? Because they won't take it! If a Bishop decrees that he won't allow the Latin Mass,..write to your nuncio!!! As the liberals say,...'Call to Action!'

How 'bout dem apples?!?


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