Thursday, February 18, 2010

Okay,..last one seriously,...hehehe...

Yesterday I mentioned that I would only be blogging sporadically for the next couple of weeks because of Lent. That being said, yesterday's news on the political front, well, name,.two words,..Lucien Bouchard! In what could best be described as a WWE wrestling angle gone bad for the PQ,..Bouchard delivered a political chair shot to his former party. He accussed the partie quebecois of breeding radicalization (No!)among its militants with its xenophobic repertoire of immigration views and draconian language policies. He also said that he will never forget Marois comparing his brother to the mythical Elvis Gratton (Think Big! Sti!). After that he went for his finisher, (another prowrestling analogy...)that sovereignty is only a dream, Quebecers do not want to sever their ties with Canada, and that should not be the priority right now! If only good ole' Jim Ross were there to call the action,..Bouchard! Bouchard! dammit Bouchard!

Yesterday saw some action in the National Assembly as Charest picked on Marois with the voracity of a schoolyard bully. Ha! Who says that Canadian politics are boring?,..


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