Wednesday, February 3, 2010


While I know we are several weeks removed from this disaster, I am only now feeling ready to speak/comment about it. As my readership already knows,..I am quite philosophical/theological and attempt to put everything that happens into a 'hierarchy of truth,' to speak. Well, it seems this disaster has left me at a loss for words. My normal dry satirical outlook and sociological ridicule with which I view the world has been replaced by a more serene introspective look with which to offer ontological commentary,..(does what I said even make sense???)

I find myself with an all too simplistic answer trying to solve the riddle of why this disaster happened. In one respect, my intellectual side wants to declare that 'God allows 'bad' to happen, in order to draw a greater 'good' out of it. Unfortunately my temporal sensual side does not want to hear that response, (born out of Thomism...)and instead will only gravitate towards a more human experience, leaving aside (if for the moment,.) the ideal.

St Jude,..patron saint of hopeless causes, pray for us!

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