Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Catholic Lighthouse Media....(PQ too!)

In life like in anything else, searching for something that gives meaning can often become a mundane if not endless quest to better one's self. We can see it happening within the ranks of the 'New Age' movement whereby an individual will attempt to change their perspective on 'things' by searching for there inner divine, or whatever crap Oprah Winfrey is currently proselytizing. Whether it is called the 'Secret'or Yoga, Zen Buddhism or simply socialism, all act or attempt to act as conduits for life's most complex problems. The question of whether or not these techniques have any truth to them is not called into question, because quite frankly it satisfies a person's emotional needs at that particular moment. Enter my latest venture. Yesterday I had the priveledge/blessing of meeting Cynthia Bredfeldt from Catholic Lighthouse Media. What I encountered was at once an individual who undertook a journey of faith as well as a devoted mother who wasn't afraid to wear her faith on her sleeve. This projects attempst to reach parishes with inspirational CDs and books by such authors as Tim Staples, Fr. John Corapi, Fr. Larry Richards, and Scott Hahn to name a few. Sadly the parishes where I live still have book shelves stocked with literature by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Qur'an and /or the Book of Mormon. The missing piece of the puzzle is solid catecheses alongside authentic inspirational messages. Well, folks it is coming! To all my readers within the Montreal Area, I will be attempting to visit a parish near you! Stay tuned!

On a side note, since this blog covers both Religion and politics,..this past weekend has me reporting on the PQ's national convention. YESSS!!(Can you believe I missed it!?) Oh well, among such motions passed by our favorite xenophobes of eternal francophone assimilation paranoia were suggestions regarding extending bill 101 (the draconian law regarding the predominance of french...)into cegeps! Imagine, we will be telling adults that they can't be trusted with making the so-called right decision to enter french college, therefore must be coerced to make sure french doesn't allegedly dissapear...

Long live Quebexico!


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