Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A little self evaluation...

Okay, so my name is Marco and I'm a stress case. In no way am I trying to satirize an alcoholic, but in reality am trying to draw attention to the fact that certain things annoy me. This of course leads to my stress/anger management issues. (think of the prayer, 'Serenity now...') I'm on the eve of turning 32 and realizing that the ideal world is not going come out of anything objective but as Pope Benedict/then Cardinal Ratzinger remarked, our world is one where relativism and mediocrity are batted about in the ocean of existence. Unfortunately our characters, each being different react to things and circumstances in different ways. I have decided to comprise a top ten list of things that make my blood boil. Although this will be a future post I will invite people to write to me and submit things that annoy them.

Well,.that's all for now,..cause' well,..I'm y'know,..annoyed.


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