Monday, November 2, 2009

Municipal apologetics,...from a Catholic layman...

Well, it would seem that I haven't blogged in quite some time and there is a good reason for it. As was mentioned in previous posts, my city, Montreal was in the middle of an election campaign, (albeit, one with so many twists and turns, that gravol was prescribed to settle the stomach.). The winner and still mayor, Gerald Tremblay for a third time. Although polls showed everyone close on Saturday, the ultimate decision came from Montreal's anglophone and allophone community. (Yes, we all remember Parizeau's 95 referendum concession speech...)

I would like to write a small satirical blurb on each of the respective candidates, considering that the election is over, here goes,

Gerald Tremblay: A nerd/mobster associate and former member of the Quebec liberals. He claimed ignorance of anything going on at city hall, (ie, cash, corruption, water meter scandal...kinda like Uncle Junior from the Sopranos...) But he is Federalist! And in a Montreal election, that's all that matters!

Louise Harel: Xenophobic separatist hardliner and mother of the forced municipal mergers. According to some anglo media outlets, was positioned to 'tame' Montreal by becoming mayor, so that separatism would flourish on the island. (just listen to CJAD callers...)

Richard Bergeron: My favorite! One of those pseudo-environmentalist 'kooks' who would normally be found outside a metro station pamphleteering. Believes 911 was an 'inside job.' Managed to gain credibility by joining forces with Justice John Gomery of sponsorship scandal fame.

Well there you have it!! I didn't want want to tarnish anyone's image before the election, but readers from different places will now understand the looney toon land that is Montreal. As for us the voters, the question should have been put to us, 'Who is the best of the worst?' There you have it!

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