Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Heeee's Baaaack!,..(Jacques Parizeau)

The dreaded arch nemesis of Federalists and anglophones has returned to haunt these people with a vengeance only rivaled by Freddy Kruger or Jason. Yes, Jacques Parizeau has launched a new book and looks at ways in which they(separatists) can reinvigurate a movement now known only by graying members. After an appearance Sunday on the popular Quebec program 'Tout le monde en parle,' a show which is based on the French program and hosted by PQ mouthpiece Guy A Lepage, Parizeau has released his book much to the delight of his 'fans.' Or so it would seem. You see, Jacques Parizeau always had a habit of being somewhat of the separatist movement's achilles' heel. Every time they would seem to go ahead in polls, he(Parizeau) would issue a statement so ridicously ill timed that the spin doctors would end up spending the next week cleaning up his damage. Remember 1995's referendum night catastrophe 'money and ethnic votes' that could of incited a riot? Or how about Quebecers being trapped like lobsters in a pot after a 'yes' vote. The most recent one regarding Marois's intention of attempting to repatriate more powers from Ottawa and how that could provoke a crisis? Forget George W. Bush! This guy could provide quotes that could fill a least a two-volume set!

For myself, I kinda liked him. Well at least I respected him. Disagree with him? Oh hell Yeah! (to quote Stone Cold Steve Austin) But he believed in his convictions despite his marketing (or lack there of...) In many respects he's kind of like an old uncle who is dangerously rascist, but because of his age, he's just too cute and cuddly.


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