Thursday, January 15, 2009

What the hell is Process Theology?!?

Last week I had a conversation with a seminarian friend of mine and a couple who are trying their best to live out the Faith. As usual, the conversation steered its way into high Theology, giving opinions on such giants as Aristotle, Aquinas and Jacques Maritain. We laughed at how we as young people (under 35) were all considered radically conservative by our current hierarchy in Montreal. Each one of us recounted a story concerning an experience in being silenced by the open-minded liberal majority who don't believe in silencing except if it is sound Catholic dogma. I was asked if I ever heard of Process Theology, to which I answered that I had not. Its 'father,' Alfred North Whitehead, argues basically that God changes with time (subject to time?) and change is constant. The notion of 'Being' vs 'Becoming?' Now this can easily give birth to the 'Spirit'(which one?!)of Vatican II and all the rest of the koombaya BS polluting our Sanctuar..,err 'worship space.'

Folks, the moral of this story is that crappy Theology comes from crappy philosophy. The irony is that our 'leadership' openly wonders why parishes are closing when we are constantly subjected to this kind of crap. Note to the hippie priests still in control, your generation is dying and the return of the Church is inevitable. (Pope Benedict XVI, Motu Propio, younger orthodox priests...)

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have mercy on us!
Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

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