Friday, January 2, 2009

Guess who's back,...bigger stronger and more politically incorrect than EVAAAH!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone first off had a great Feast of Mary Mother of God and secondly a wonderful secular New Year!

Well due to complications I have been away, (meaning my internet access was limited) and I have a few things to address. Not having access to something as basic as internet caused me to reflect upon Western culture's addiction to technology. This has happened before when I lost my cell phone and subsequently felt that my left arm had been amputated. What does that say about me? About the culture we live in and specifically where we are headed? Not much, only that our dependancy upon gadgets will strip away our basic humanity and leave us with more debt. (Case in point, I was witness to someone using their GPS navigation to go to the store).

Jean Charest has been re-elected with a majority government (thank God!) so the left of Lenin Communist hippies still dreaming about the imaginary country of Quebexico will be given another five years of trying think up a trickier question for the next referendum. I feel the need to contribute to their thought process,..

-Question: Do you believe Quebec should be decentralized more from the federal government of Canada thereby requiring a political, social, economic and military association while of course maintaining the Canadian dollar within the scope of an agreement signed outside time and space by the ghost of Rene Levesque supported by the bill respecting the future of Quebec as well as Gilles Duceppe's unborn great grandchild?


NO (really means no association with Canada, so again separation!)

Imagine,..this way both headquarters could chant,..'On veut un pay!'

While keeping on the political front, Michael Ignatieff has become leader of the Federal Liberal Party replacing the epidimy of charisma himself,..the one, the only...Stephane Dion!

WWE rules! The rumormill has Christian returning to WWE, while Austin will be honored at Wrestlemania 25! All you TNA fans, please stop emailing my hotmail account before you actually watch the product,..I think TNA should rename themselves WCW pt 2,.(especially the way there going...)

All for now, until next time...

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