Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A 'Pastoral' Lenten Retreat

Throughout Holy Week, my thoughts began turning towards the reality that I feel the Holy Spirit calling me to,.the defense of the Catholic Faith. Last year, I attended a Lenten retreat inspired by some youtube content by the Fathers of Mercy. The youtube stuff was powerful! A challenging and inspiring wakeup call to live my Faith more fully both from a worship and active perspective. Needless to say, the retreat I attended was nothing more than a reaffirmation of my 'okayness' and that we must move forward to be yet even more 'inclusive' 'tolerant' and most of all socialist! (listen to the little Obama cult salivating at that word!)

What the hell happened? Well, anyone who has read this blog knows what happened,.Vatican II was hijacked by a subjective/liberal agenda. The reality we are facing right now is a changing of the guard,..the liberals are dying out and the Catholic Church in the West is about to return! The John Paul II generation is poised and ready with orthodox seminarians (although still in hiding...)and a generation of Bishops about to retire. So what do the youth do in the meantime? A gallop poll showed that younger people who practise their Faith are generally more orthodox than their parents, and therefore don't relate to the 'anti-establishment' mentality. Simply put,..the youth must pray, and do penance. Social justice will flourish out of that, (authentic social justice that protects the unborn as well...)in the end we win. In the now, we suffer, we offer up our Lent,..we grin and bear it just as Jesus bore his cross. Believe me, there are times when I feel like attending an evangelical service just to hear a challenging homily, and then run back to the Catholic Church when it is time for the Eucharist.

To get back to my title, when did the word 'pastoral' become 'effeminate.' Is it 'pastoral' to allow someone to continue in their sin and risk hell? But what about validating their little feelings? Oh,.I forgot, liberal 'clergy' don't speak of hell because just like the Real Presence, to them it is medieval non-sense. Their always talking about discerning what the Holy Spirit is doing,..well, the fact remains that worldwide vocations are up and the Extraordinary Form of Mass is back. Remember you hippie parriahs, the same Holy Spirit who convened Vatican II is the same one who chose Pope Benedict! Chew on that!

St Michael the Archangel,..pray for us.

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