Friday, October 16, 2009

Louise Harel and the Angryphones...

Okay time to talk politics, (amazing, this whacko's interests are politics and religion, what most people will rather swallow nails than discuss these issues at the dinner table,..well not me!!!..I live for this stuff.,..I'm sure that's what my readership is thinking...) specifically the municipal election being held in Montreal.
The candidates, the big two anyway are Louise Harel(Vision Montreal) and Gerald Tremblay(Union Montreal). What is shaping up however is a full blown polarization between constitutional debacle right alongside the issue of snow removal and garbage collection.

A little backround,..Mme Harel was a minister in the last Parti Quebecois government. A convinced separatist and one of the most polarizing figures ever in municipal politics. Her adversary and incumbent mayor, Gerald Tremblay was a minister during Robert Bourassa's Liberal government way back when. Throw in my favorite anglo-montreal media mouthpiece CJAD, and we have an election delving into such absurd depths that their broadcasts will have months of material and folly. You see I wasn't going to blog this morning, however, I felt the need to after listening to Gerald Tremblay declare himself a 'proud Canadian.' My stomach churned not so much at his answer, but the dummy who asked the question. My response would be along the lines of,..does it matter? His administration has been rocked with six separate counts of police administration, yet we, the anglophone community will re-elect him because of his national patriotism. Have we took the time to consider that Mme Harel's number 2 is Benoit Labonte, a former aide to Paul Martin. What about the fact that Tremblay's team has a separatist in Diane Lemieux, or better still an ex-felquist Andre Lavallee.

For the record, I am a strong Federalist. Yet I don't see the connection and how this would impact municipal politics. We lived through two separatist mayors before in Jean Dore and Pierre Bourque, really CJAD,..CHILLAX! The sky won't fall and let's concentrate on municipal issues.

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