Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So I finally got around to it...and wish I hadn't

What I'm referring to in this blog entry is Richard McBrien's, (oops, I forgot 'Fr' Richard McBrien...)September 08, 2009 article on restoring of Perpetual Adoration within the Archdiocese of Boston. Not surprisingly, McBrien disagrees with this motive calling it to paraphrase, a Theological step backwards. First off here is a little background, soooo, let's start where this article appeared, the National Catholic Reporter.

Often viewed as the Theological mouthpiece for the so-called 'spirit of vatican II' crowd, this propagan..er magazine (which btw could easily double as toilet paper...)serves as a marxist blueprint for Church reform in areas that the authors see fit, which is basically everything. Such noted dissidents as 'Sr' Joan Chittister, 'Fr' McBrien, 'Fr' Curren were all able to brainwash the last two generations since the Council, and make way for their strictly horizontal view of the Church as a vehicle for being 'nice.' It will promote women's ordination, homosexual marriage, a desacramentalizing of the Church Herself, and will do it all in the name of 'aggiornamentto.' What it will NOT promote is authentic magisterial teaching (unless it is Cardinal Mahoney...) loyalty to the Pope, and just general orthodoxy. The result is obvious, scandals in the priesthood, schism at every corner and empty Churches. To sum up their theology, Truth doesn't exist, especially if it offends someone. Secondly, the Church was absolutely wrong, tyrannical, anti-women right up until 1959. Then the Second Vatican Council started this whole new idea of what the Church should be, based on Chapter 2 of Lumen Gentium, People of God. I guess Chapter 3, (The Church is Hierarchical) should be neglected. Thirdly, because Vatican II itself doesn't articulate these points (man the Holy Spirit must taken the day off...), this group and their 'ilk' have taken it upon themselves to write commentaries about the Council in the name of the 'spirit' of Vatican II. Although not part of the Council, Pope Paul VI issued an encyclical entitled Humanae Vitae as a response to Catholic and contraception 'Fr' Curren being the most famous(of said ilk) for his critique of Humanae Vitae. (On a side note, the Canadian Bishops in 1960's issued the Winnipeg statement, thereby also going against the Pope). What is particularly interesting is that the Holy Spirit has chosen Two 'Super' Popes in John Paul II and Benedict to reign this kind of stuff in. Anyway before my ADD goes any further, this is essentially the kind of crap found in the National Catholic Reporter.

As far as 'Fr' McBrien goes, well what do you expect from this guy. His whole career has been that of a dissident. Last year he preached in a unitarian Church(What was he doing there in the first place?) about how wrong the Church was until the 'spirit' of Vatican II enlightened his generation. Back to the beginning, no Eucharist Adoration, huh 'Fr' McBrien? Well I have a question for you,...Why are the dioceses with orthodox Bishops flourishing while the elderly liberal Bishops are in charge of dioceses flooded with scandal(I mean C'mon its all about Social Justice right?). Perhaps, we should listen to the Holy Spirit and discern the fruits of our time...Like it or not, if(and it is...)the Eucharist IS the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, we should be on knees falling. Maybe Father McBrien should consider the Epicopalian communion, yeah I hear they are doing well...

Sacred Heart of Jesus,...Have Mercy on us!
Immaculate Heart of Mary,..Pray for us!

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