Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Labonte quits?,.err resigns?,..err fired?

A short post today regarding the ever changing world of the exciting Montreal municipal campaign. It would seem that Benoit Labonte accepted cash as anonymous donations from Tony Accurso, the construction businessman implicated with Mayor Tremblay over the water meter affair. Last Saturday saw Louise Harel defend her 2nd in command over these allegations. The problem was that these allegations were true! Despite Labonte's denials, his cell phone records along with an anonymous source confirmed it would seem that Mr Labonte and this businessman had been meeting quite a few times during 2008. Wellll....that changes everything! Wow aren't municipal elections exciting? They are if you live in Montreal. I think I've wasted enough space,..oh yeah the debate last night on RDI,..according to their spin doctors, they all won.


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