Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen

So you'd think that a blog calling itself the Confessions of a thirty something cybertronian would leave out any references to Transformers, the absolute greatest cartoon phenomenon of the eighties? Then you'd have to be ridiculous! Of course I'd seen it when it first came out but being a fan, I needed time to divorce my bias from the actual content of the movie...Soooo,.here goes, deep breath,..I can do this,..It SUCKED! There I said it! Spoiler alert,..Optimus Prime dies, then gets back to life, Megatron has a 'boss' if you will,.(the Fallen). As far as Soundwave goes,.it was supposed to be Frank Welker's voice and it was, only they left out the voice synthesizer,.(which was Soundwave's trademark,..I mean C'Mon!!!). Oh yeah, Jetfire is old and 'farts.' Anyway, I'm sure by now that you're getting a headache,.so I'll stop.

My next post will go back to Catholicism, although it was a good break to get away from that subject, even Jesus attended parties (Wedding feast of Cana...)

Our Lady of Fatima,..pray for us!


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