Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What the Hell is SEO or SEM?

Now I know that this particular blog post does not fit into the standard category of so-called medieval Catholicism(that'a what one liberal priest told me...)but I wanted to shift gears and talk about online visibility. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization,..and to put it simply is the most essential tool a person can use to gain more visibility through higher rankings with Google, Yahoo or MSN. Quite frankly it is the most important factor in online marketing to date. Think about it, individual could spend thousands of dollars trying to create a corporate website complete with flash, yet if no one can find it, would end up figuratively creating dust in cyberspace. Key word search would enable a company or person to create content that would be easily tracible by the spiders thus many visitors, thereby more chances of a conversion, or in plain speak an ROI. SEM simply stands for Search Engine Marketing. On a side note, in my other life,..(hehehe reincarnation? for all you hippie wannabes expecting another verbal ass kicking)I work doing search engine optimization. Check it out at and drop me a line!

St Joseph patron saint of workers, pray for us!

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