Monday, June 1, 2009

A Tragedy, a struggle, and a loss...

Wow it has been a while since I last updated,..however I'm still feeling the shock and sadness over the decision taken by Father Alberto Cutie to leave the Catholic Church and join the Anglican communion. Watching the press conference was heartbreaking, yet it led me to a moment of sincere reflection that ultimately all of us are human and everyone needs our prayers. Father Cutie is a heterosexual man who freely chose the vocation to celibacy and ultimately priesthood. This is not a new trend, men who love our Lord so much, that they freely give up wanting to be a husband and father so that others may live. While I strongly disagree with Father Cutie's decision to leave the Church, I admire his comments about loving the Catholic Church and her discipline of celibacy within the Roman rite. There is one interview on youtube, which I'm sure the heterodox crowd doesn't want you to see, the one from CBS. Father Cutie defends priestly celibacy within the context of vocation, and states that his struggle was not a 'fly by night' occurence. Becoming an episcopalian priest, Father will continue to work for ecumenical causes in the context that he is validly ordained,..this should proove interesting.

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