Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mme Harel?,..municipal politics?

I'm gonna shift gears for a moment and speak about another issue near and dear to my heart.,..POLITICS!!! Yes well, er,..municipal politics, so not exactly the most exciting realm of intellectual discourse, more of a haven for verbal diarria. (if that is how it is spelled...) Louise Harel, former PQ minister who speaks about as much english as I do swahili will run under the banner of the Vision Montreal ticket. This of course means that Benoit Labonte will step aside as leader. Aside from being an open separatist (I refuse to use the term 'sovereignist' as one cannot imply the action of sovereignating from anything...)she is also the mother of forced municipal mergers on the island of Montreal. I cannot see how federalist fortresses such as the West Island will come out and vote for someone with her record. Tremblay aside, it is time for a change, but not for a unilingual advocate for the future Republic of Quebexico to take his place. Another irony is that Labonte was the assistant to Paul Martin!

Mme Harel,..I will not be voting for you this coming fall!...

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