Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama and Notre Dame,...

The buzz in Catholic news circles in the last few days has shifted from the secular media's manipulation of the Pope's comments on condoms in Africa and has landed on the Obama/Notre Dame controversy. Notre Dame school located in Indiana has always given itself the moto,'where the Church does her thinking..' Well,...clearly the Church must be suffering from a brain fart of the highest magnitude. Notre Dame which literally means 'Our Lady' in reference to the Blessed Mother, who through her Immaculate Conception gave the world it's Saviour, is about to compromise its principals by giving US President Barack Obama a platform to speak at the graduation!...So what's the problem you ask?.,Well the fact that he's the most pro-abortion/anti-life President in the history of that country is causing a ripple...To say the friggin' least! Yeah, yeah, I know about all the other good, blah, blah, blah,..But when it comes to this issue, even f'n snakes allow their young to be born before they eat them! The right to life should be a given, unfortunately in our western self serving civilization, pregnancy can be regarded as a punishment(Obama's words! not mine.)

A Rosary campaign should get under way, and if you haven't started one, get going. We need to end the scourge on life that is Abortion, and only by God's grace can it get done! The womb should never be a tomb!

Sacred Heart of Jesus: Have mercy on us.
Immaculate Heart of Mary: Pray for us.

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