Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Humility,..2 Theologians and a Car...

Last Sunday, I found myself rediscovering the act of humility while ending up in a most unusual if not humourous situation. My friend, a Catholic seminarian, whose car had a burnt front light, found itself an unlikely source of salvation! It came in the form of my ever resourceful girlfriend!!!You see, I'm about as automotively (is that a word?) oriented as a humpback whale attempting to burrow underground. That being said, what transpired was actually quite funny, if not downright sad. My friend and I share many common interests, including theology, metaphysics and liturgical appreciation, yet changing a tire or repairing a burnt light is not our forte. The scene, both of us, with our facial hair holding a wrench and plyiers while discussing how DesCartes set into motion the decline of Western Civilization, caused my girlfriend to quickly assess that this scenerio was in total need of an intervention. Twenty minutes later, my girlfriend had successfully installed our seminarian friend's new car light, and I found myself with a new sense of humility. Needless to say, I'm still getting bugged for it, as my girlfriend found the ultimate tag team partner to chastise me,....MY FATHER!!! oh well,..

St Jude,(patron saint of hopeless cases..) Ora Pro Nobis!

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