Saturday, June 12, 2010

Special Post Alert!!! Congratulations to Father Greg Cizcek! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Okay so I don't usually post on the weekend, but I'll make an exception for today. Last night I had the honor and priviledge of assisting at the ordination to the priesthood of one of my best friends! Congratulations to Father Greg! Our Lord has conferred ministerial priesthood upon one of the most solid/stand up guys you could ever meet! A few observations, (you know I'll make them anyway, hehe...)if you will. The Liturgy was one of the most beautiful experiences this side of Heaven! Let me set the stage, a packed to the gills Church, about 15-18 altar BOYS, (yes I capitalized that as bait for any feminazis lurking...) and countless priests and deacons alongside the Cardinal Archbishop and his auxliary. What more can I say? A lot.

Your Eminence, what you experienced last night was the Catholic Church in all her glory, fully represented as Christ's Mystical Body. It was a reverent, beautiful and joyous event highlighting what adherence to orthodoxy is all about. The youth want Vatican II,.not the lab experiment known as the 'spirit of the council.' Those of us under 40, weren't brought up as professional protestors, intent of instilling a subjective experimental feel good kumbaya fest,..WE WANT THE CHURCH! Listen to the Holy Spirit who is guiding Pope Benedict, (BTW, it's the same Holy Spirit that conveyed the second Vatican Council,...hear that liberal freakos!) who free the Tridentine Mass and is cleaning house! Yes we are about Love, but sometimes Love is tough!

St Jean Vianney,..pray for us! (Especially Fr. Greg!)

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Anonymous said...

It was a great joy to share that moment with you. It did really feel like heaven on earth. Mass was Noble and Simple, just as Vatican II wants it.

Fr. Greg