Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pope Begins a New Inquisition!!!

Okay so one, its not exactly a new inquisition (but it got your attention right?) and two, its not myself who asked to be the grand inquisitor as it regards to liturgical abuses liking the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to something that WWE might put on. My last post dealt with the ordination of my friend to the priesthood. As was mentioned the liturgy was beautiful, reverent and holy. The fruits of this, I believe we will see in the coming two years (new translation of Mass!! Yessss...!)with the retirement of hippie Bishops and them being replaced with orthodox ones! Oh yeah, and a full Church!

Well,.a week before Fr Greg's ordination, I was a sponser at a confirmation, an honor bestowed upon me by the young man in question and that I was humbled to have been chosen for. The liturgy was on the french side, specifically on the South Shore of Montreal, reminded me of Cirque du Soleil. The Bishop's vestments were neon pink, he wore a Britney Spears type microphone headset,..there were more extraordinary ministers of communion (women) than clergy. The same ministers handed out the Eucharist as if it were a cafeteria line, the homily was devoid of any substance, and the 'catechist' later told the same young man, that he didn't need to come to Mass!!!! I was right there when SHE said it!!! Oh well,.but there's more, here's the kicker! They were trying to figure out why no one comes to Mass anymore!!!Amazing!

Last Sunday, Pope Benedict in his homily spoke about Bishops disciplining dissident priests, and finally it looks like the Church, like a phoenix, is about to rise from its ashes! Go Holy Father, drop the big elbow on heresy and set-up dissidence for the piledriver. Hey liberals,..your reign(don't want to say 'kingdom' cause that would offend women, y'know...)of terror is over! Last point, the next time some feminazi social justice marxist lesbian wannabe nun speaks about the lack of priests, ask them why the FSSP seminaries are full? Just a thought.


St Joseph,...pray for us.


Left-footer said...

Sorry it's a bit late, but bravo! What you describe at the Confirmation Mass is horrible, as in England. Britney Spears OMG.

Fortunately I live in Poland, which is steadfastly traditional.

Optimusmastro said...

Thanks, Left Footer! The good news is its getting better!