Friday, April 27, 2012

Gracie Diet and Theology

We have all heard it said that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.  The question remains why don't we treat them as such?  Now in the past I've hit hard on the dangers of pornography, masturbation, and how it could ultimately turn you into a zombie, that is mindless, withdrawn and ultimately ineffective.  Yet, we don't often concentrate on food!  What we put in our very bodies! We treat our cars better! My mother and I recently had this conversation and she expressed reservations about me 'offending' overweight people with this post,.well here goes, I'M GONNA OFFEND!!

Going to school at the Grand Seminaire de Montreal offers me a great chance to walk downtown.  What do I see,.an increasing number of overweight people gorging themselves!   Burger King, McDonalds, LaFleur, La Belle Province, whatever...Bottom line is that university students, (you know the ones now making the American news with their protests and riots...) do not find the time to either eat properly or seek out fresh indredients.  What is the result?  Well last year, I met over thirty people with diabetes, all under 25 years of age.  We should be ashamed as members of western society that this is happening.  Parents are not monitoring their children's food intake, while the kids are less interested in sports and instead play Nintendo.  Overweight children, means a shorter lifespan period!  Where are all the social justice blowhards on that one?  (As I write this, I'm in a food court, 'Greenpeace' members are ordering their trios at the McDonalds' whales and environment, yes, all the while treating your digestive system to an all out assault by putting pigeon McNuggets into your body.  hmmm..)  The biggest workout our body does everyday is the very action of digestion. 

As a trainer, I would recommend people eat balanced meals 5-6 times a day.  Obviously portion control becomes a factor, using the inside of your hand as a guide.  A healthy balance of proteins, essential fats, Carbs (not man made sugars!!!!) and greens.  Try to eat 5-6 servings of vegetables a day, raw or steamed.  Eat them first so they enter your digestive system first and use their own enzymes as a breakdown.  If you don't have time to eat 5-6 times a day, then I would recommend something called the Gracie diet.  (Which is what I do!!!  Yaaay!!!)  The Gracie diet, founded by Master Carlos Gracie, which I'm sure you can find online, consists of eating 3 meals a day but knowing what foods combine and don't combine.  An example would be, Acidic fruits are to be eaten alone, so you would have an entire meal of oranges, (Rorion Gracie eats 15 of them!) and also early in the morning, so it will aid the digestion of last night's food.  Group A foods (meat, vegetables and fats) combine with each other plus one from Group B (Starches, Rice, Pasta...).  Group B foods do NOT combine with each other.(there goes the pasta with bread!)  Usually if this is my cooked meal, I will eat it around 4:30 in the afternoon.  Group C foods also combine with each other, plus 1 from Group B.  So a Group C meal would be bananas, honey and bread (brown..)  If you are interested, email me.  (By the way Rener Gracie's Renergy sandwich tastes awesome!!! )  My mother used to make fun of me eating spinach in the morning inside a sandwich and now is about to join me in accepting the Gracie diet.  You basically eat whatever you want, as much as you need, but in the right combinations!

Food is our bodies gasoline.  It, like sex is a 'good.'  The primary reason for food is to sustain us in being, to keep us alive!  That doesn't mean we can't enjoy it, but it has to be looked at from its raison etre.  We are to control food, not it control us, or else like sex, pornography and masturbation, it becomes an addiction.  I am writing this post, because too many people suffer this addiction.  Bored? Eat!  Sad?  Eat!.  Angry?  Eat!  How do we break the cycle?  The same way we break the masturbation/pornography habit!  Be accountable, with a friend, try to place your trust in them to guide you.  Tell them when you fall, and then lift yourself up, dust yourself off and begin again.  As well, don't forget to give yourself a free day!  It will help you psychologically by giving yourself something to look forward to!  For me its Sunday.  I start my day off with the ultimate superfood, the living manna from Heaven that is Eucharist, then pasta, sausige, meatball, brasciole, cookies, cake, maybe even a poutine,..but on Monday, its right back to discipline!

For more info,.or if you need a diet, simply message me, but kindly allow three weeks for me to respond to you.

St Sebastian,...............ora pro nobis!

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