Tuesday, May 1, 2012

LCWR(cheers?) SSPX(boos?) Strange Times Indeed...

So we've all heard the news, tweeted it, facebooked it, Digg'd it,..whatever form of social media you use, there are two current hot trending topics within the Church today.  The first, according to the secular media is the current attempt at cleaning up the LCWR(Leadership Conference of Women Religious) by the patriarchal, rigid, out of touch with modernity, pre conciliar hierarchy led the EVIL VATICAN,. (Say it with an echo...).  The second, not really covered by the secular press, unless in a negetative light,.. but covered by the Church Herself,. is the possible (with the Grace of God) potential reconciliation and reunification of SSPX with Rome.

So shall we begin with the heretics,..err 'women' religious?  This has to be the biggest steaming pile of BS coming out of 'catholic' circles in 2012!  These so-called 'nuns' have done more to harm the Church by advancing an agenda which simply isn't Catholic all in the name of (drum roll please....) SOCIAL JUSTICE... If this term does not cause Catholics to roll over, vomit, contemplate running into a wall and maybe even slicing your wrists, well frankly I don't know what would!  By now, you've probably been so desensitized by the progressive crowd to think that its normal to hear a marxist homily on Easter Sunday,..(I been there, the Glory of the Ressurection, and the priest will speak about the dangerous shortage of migrant coffee bean pickers in South America., or clean water, trees, and my favorite, women's rights! ,..including 're-thinking' presbyterial ordination in the name of women' rights,..)  These blow hard retreads, and Vietnam protesters fanagled their way through seminaries run by masculine nuns, err,..women 'religious' and the priests who were 'a little light in the loafers.'  Now, to be fair, I am not speaking about authentic Social Justice, which would start in the womb, protection of the unborn, protection of traditional marriage and then, move toward the TEMPORAL justice outlined by Christ in the Sermon on the Mount.  Nononononooo,..I am speaking about the 'Spirit of VII' poltergeist, which inhabits the LCWR, causing them to shed their habits, grow sideburns, embrace religious indifferentism, study the New Age, and finally offer courses in Transcendental meditation for those who moved 'beyond' Jesus.  (Michael Voris' latest Vortex...) .  These 'nuns' have raped and pillaged the faith until vocations were in the toilet, and religious education looked like a childrens' five year old day camp, where even little boys played Mr Mommy, and learned how to emotionally share with other little boys.. Now the nuns are crying foul and the secular media is eating it all up!  Do they not realize that this type of non sense led to the sex scandal?  (Yes I said it...)   Here is the CDF from the Holy office,..See here

Dear Sr Rainmoondance Sunshineharekrishna,  CND...

Your founders did incredible work.  They prayed, sweat and gave long hours understanding their vocation as true Brides of Christ.  I am reminded that Jesus' promise in the Gospel about the gates of Hell not prevailing against the Church have not rung more truer than they are now.  The Holy Spirit chose Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI for a reason.  That Vatican II, must be understood in continuity with all the Councils and not as a departure from it.  When you discerned your 'call' did you not understand that it was a Catholic order that you were joining?  Have you not noticed how the communities faithful to Christ are thriving?  You made vows, you knew the rules.  Sorry but that's just the way it is!  Humble yourselves, abandon the crap and return to your vow of OBEDIANCE!  You do not disgree with me, but with Christ and His Holy Church.


Now, on to issue number two.  The talks between the SSPX and Rome are progressing!  Bishop Felley of the SSPX has signed the doctrinal preamble and thus we can move forward.   Now, you probably didn't hear of it, or you heard from the Jerusalem Post, albeit in a negative way.  The issue between the Holy See and SSPX has primarily to do with the 'religious freedom' issue spoken about at Vatican II.  The illicit consecrations, constituted a schismatic act, and thus put the society on the outside looking in.  I and many other observers often wondered aloud what it take to rejoin.  The answer is simply we are on the Holy Spirit's time, not our own.  One of the Bishops of the SSPX, Bishop Williamson questioned the Holocaust.  Now,..honestly, Bishop Williamson needs a lobotomy to not understand that the Holocaust happened, that 6 million Jews, gays, gypsies and yes, Catholics were killed during Nazi germany's attempt to create an arian race.  However, what does this have to do with Catholic dogma?  Bishop Williamson is not denying the Trinity, he's just historically retarded.  He does not speak for the Society, he just exposes himself as an ignoramus.  The fun part about all this fuss over the SSPX has come from the ecumenically friendly progressive 'catholics' who have no problem dialoging with Wahabi Islam, while inviting the Taliban for milk and cookies, but the thought of the Latin Mass sends them frothing at the mouth?  hmmmm....(My spider senses are tingling..)

Perhaps we will see an end to the schism, and in an act of goodwill, the SSPX will be put in charge of exorcisms and prayers of deliverance over the LCWR,..causing the good sisters to realize they are feminine,  to hang up the polyester pant suits and reclaim their habits!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,..............Have mercy on us!


Anonymous said...

your SSPX comments way over emphasize Bishop Williamson--he is a non-issue period. I am praying for SSPX to come into full communion with the Vatican. In the last couple of weeks the WSJ ran an article pointing out that traditional orthodoxy is winning in the Catholic Church! Amen! While I am over being disturbed by comments from SSPX directed at V2, PJP2 and PBXVI, I respect their traditionalism. this ties into your first story on LCWR--further evidence that PBXVI is cleaning up the Catholic in Name Only Clerics. Amen!

Marco said...

I agree with you anonymous. The thing is that the Bishop Williamson stuff is the only time this issue makes secular news,.. God Bless! Oremus!

Unknown said...

The 'Bishop Williamson question' is not an ecclesiastical one. 'The Holocaust' is a question of secular history and not a matter of Faith. Bishop Williamson has not denied that many people died at the hands of the Nazis, neither has he denied the Virgin Birth, the Immaculate Conception, the physical Resurrection of Our Lord or any other Dogma of Faith. Many Canonists, including those of the Apostolic Signatura hold that the excommunication of Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop Castro de Mayer were without force of Law and so, idem, for the four Bishops they consecrated. Ergo: no excommunication = no lifting of an excommunication. Some people may not like this but it is so and no amount of peevish wishing to the contrary will bring about their uncharitable and thus most unCatholic desires. The SSPX teaches what the Church has always taught. Having in no wise deviated from the immemorial teaching of the Church it is scarcely possible to say they are not in communion with the Catholic Church. To find those who are not in communion with the Saints in Heaven you must look for those who fail to hold and teach the Catholic Faith that comes to us from the Apostles. I think most of those will be found not within the SSPX