Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Backward Medievalist!!!

Well that's what I got told I should be from one of my 'anonymous' emails!   It seems I'm some kind of 'Young Fogey!'  No offence to a fellow blogger,..(See here ).  Well,..let me say thank you for your compliment!  However this does beg the question,.whatcha so angry bout' lil fella?  The fact that you and your ilk hijacked the Catholic Church for the last forty years attempting to turn Her into the eco friendly gender neutral marxist freemason lodge specializing in population control?  Weeeell, there is kinda a little problem with that!  You see the dude who founded Catholicism is also well, God Incarnate!  So let's open our politically correct Bible to Matthew 16: 18.  Gosh, guess that sucks to be you...

For years, I was called bitter, rigid, medieval, chauvinistic and every other funny little name you gave me.  Why?  Because (I know your not supposed to begin a sentence with 'because' but if I copy/paste your email to to this site, there are so many grammatical errors that my readership might get a migraine..) as a thirty something man, I called myself a sinner, needed Jesus and desired to live as best I could as a Catholic? Because my generation were the only ones participating in regular confession/Reconciliation that you couldn't use the confessional as a storage unit for the parish?  Now I get it!  It is because of my support for unity between the SSPX and Rome!  You guys are supposed to be sooooo ecumenical!  Is this not ecumenism?  (scratches head...)

Reality Check for the 'stoner' generation,..

Fact:  Extraordianary Form communities are flourishing
Fact:  The New Translation of the Ordinary Form of Mass exists and is better.
Fact:  Anyone under 45yrs of age wants to be faithful to Christ, His Church and His Magisterium.
Fact:  EWTN exists
Fact:  Pope Benedict for all intents and purposes is in relatively good health.
Fact:  Your generation took full advantage of the contraceptive mindset. ...Extinction!!  (Cajunman, Adam Sandler voice from SNL)
Fact:  Your vocation crisis was ma,.err sorry 'peoplemade' and still the Holy Spirit raised up priests.

Isn't God good?  Cookoo Bishops are on the way out and being replaced by Bishops who believe in Catholcism,...I pray for you, some of you were sincere and really did think you were doing good, I pray you have a St Paul Damascus experience.  To those of you with the agenda,..I say,.. Nananana, ..Nananana,... Hey hey Hey,..Goodbye!!!!!!  Your generation, the 'seamless garment' crap waving bye!!!!!!!!

St Jean Vianney,............Ora pro nobis.


TH2 said...

"For years, I was called bitter, rigid, medieval, chauvinistic and every other funny little name..." - That is a sign of doing well.

The concluding photo was a nice touch to get the message across.

Claire said...

Thank you for writing this. As a "way over 30" fellow Catholic I lived through the changes that occurred in the late 60's and into the 70's.

I cannot properly explain the spiritual emptiness of the church at that time. I'm sad to say that I left the church, not because I did not believe in every single authentic Catholic teaching, but because of this horrible emptiness and loneliness.

The wonder and awe were gone, and in it's place was mediocre, half-hearted Catholicism that I couldn't stomach. For example: Midnight Mass went from something very special, with all the priests involved, to a regular, everyday Mass that no longer draws crowds so big that there is standing room only.

Had I realized the power of the Eucharist, I would never had strayed, but I was also leading a life of sin, and knew that I would not be able to receive anyway.

I am very thankful that the Church is evangelizing the younger generations, but they also need to concentrate on the Baby Boomers who were caught in the crossfire and lost their faith.

God Bless you. I posted in FB that I enjoyed your blog and that I would be back to read more. ;=-)

Teresa said...

Great post, Marco!

I am sick of dissent being considered good and actually following the Magisterium and Her teachings (believing in Tradition) as being labeled as bad and out of touch with society. Our society is way out of touch with what is right and good for people. God Bless.