Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bring Back the Heavenly Choir!

Since the second Vatican Council, our rich history of Liturgical chant, Gregorian has been neglected.  To begin a quote comes to mind from St Augustine,..- To sing once is to pray twice- (an excerpt taken from Confessions.)  Singing has always been part of the Church's Tradition and Latin was always given a place of prominance.  According to the 'spirit of VII' feminist/ecological/social justice/inclusive crowd however we are to 'exclude' Latin and gregorian chant from the Liturgy.  Soooo let's take a gander at what Vatican II says!  (this usually sends modernists running to hide under the nearest fair trade exhibition table as their worst nightmare is someone who actually read the Council documents!)  Here is a link (here!)

My friends, one of the most frustrating innovations of the Spirit of VII crowd is definetly the choice of proper music at Mass.  Let me clear, I love all kinds of music, rock, some metal, hip hop and classical, yet I can't help but believe that there must be a time and place for these types of music.  For instance, if I'm sitting at a 5 star restaurant eating a nice surf and turf, enjoying a glass of Chateau Neuf du Pape, I would probably not appreciate a full blown tribute to Van Halen playing in the backround!  The same standards should apply to the Holy Eucharist.  At Mass, my focus is on God and Redemption.  I'm about to experience Calvary, the one sacrifice made present for all eternity through the Eucharist, so that being said, if I find myself getting caught in 'fun' of singing these songs, then could it be argued that perhaps it is not appropriate?  With Gregorian chant, whether in french, english or latin, we can experience the full beauty of the Liturgy stimulating every sense!  The smell of the incense, the taste of the Body and Blood of Christ, the hearing of chanting, and proclaiming, the sight of a reverent sanctuary...It sends chivers down my spine!  I say this today because my parish priest chanted the Gospel last Sunday and I was in bliss!

Perhaps the next time the we attend Mass, we can poll the people who are there to pray.  When the entrance hymn is 'On Eagle's Wings' do we really feel a sense of the Sacred? (Houston we have a problem!)  It is fine for praise and worship services, but for the Eucharist?  I think collectively God deserves the best!

Frere Andre,...............priez pour nous!



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Birgit Jones said...

Amen, amen, amen...I've wanted to blog about this for a while but you've said it so well, I'll just share your thoughts!