Sunday, May 13, 2012

CM Punk to Obama...The Agenda

Once again from the files of the absurd, some moron has to weigh in on an issue that isn't even remotely within their sphere of influence.  CM Punk, via twitter weighed in on the same sex so-called marriage debate and told a fan who disagreed with him to 'drink bleach.'  (See here) This story was exposed, and to his credit Punk responded to the fan, apologizing and claiming he wanted the person to 'better' himself.  This bettering themself idea was later a later reflection of US president Obama's 'evolved' views on so-called gay marriage.  Well, the genie is out of the bottle, where will stop?  Legalized beastiality? 

A quick reflection,... As Catholics we do not 'gay bash.'  In all honesty, the Church is very clear that we do not believe in the homosexual, we believe in the human being.  In this case, the human being is afflicted with a disoredered same sex attraction that becomes his cross.  These people are to be loved, treated with respect and assured that people are praying for them with regards to this particular affliction.  When they fall, just as when we straight people fall,.(won't insult anyone, but those of us that have had conversion experiences have already one night stands..) we can take refuge in the sacrament of Reconciliation, which is first and formost healing.  Jesus saves, not us.  This is true compassion where the human being is called to a life of holiness.  Unfortunately this becomes confused with 'false compassion.'

False compassion occurs when we let our individual experiences override Truth.  If we love someone, then it is only natural that we should want the best for them.  Even recently we heard that the US president has come out in favour of same sex unions!  (Can his agenda be any less hidden? )  He even cited his Christianity as the 'why.'  The call to chastity, (though it is tough, believe me I struggle..) is for all people.  Why the stigma with the same sex attraction, because in the physical union, God can't attempt to complete the act according to Natural Law.  It becomes an act turned in on itself rooted solely for pleasure.  Imagine eating an incredible New York cut steak, and having a bucket beside you, you chew it, enjoy the taste and then spit it out.  Yet, you can accidently swallow some steak and it is 'good' for you.  You get the adequate protein and creatine levels associated with that bite.  I have just described  sex with birthcontrol...Now, homosexual union would like you chewing on tobacco for pleasure.  You are spitting it out, but if you accidently swallow, it can be dangerous, if not deadly.

Back to CM Punk.  Punk, whose character is supposedly straight edge comes off as a 'Bill Maher' type of personality that can easily grind your teeth.  A little guy in a big man's world, who as of late, we've seen that his 'mic' skills are not quite what we thought they were.  For a guy who is straight edge, clearly you miss the dangers of this type of liason?  (See here)  You'll pribably say that this from someone with an agenda,.fine, then look up the sources yourself!  Truth can offend people, heck Jesus offends!  But in the end, Punk, Truth just is.  Perhaps, this was his way of staying relevant?  Who knows!  Stick to wrestling!  If Barrack Hussain is voted out of office, maybe he'll join the WWE and you guys can be a tag team!   'Heading to the ring at a combined weight of 400lbs,..Obama, Punk, STRAIGHT EDGE COMMUNISTS!!!' 

Our Lady of Fatima,..........Ora pro nobis!

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