Friday, July 29, 2016

A Traditional 'Rant.'

Okay so here goes, another one of my rants long overdue.  This is a post where I pour my heart out and appeal to all people, especially bloggers, Catholic bloggers.  Much has been written over the last few years with regards to the current pontificate under Francis that we are living through.  While I may not understand all the 'ins' and 'outs,'  I refuse to bash personally the Pope.  Why am I writing this now?  Well,.. Let's just say that although there have been calls to prayer and recollection regarding Fr Jacques Hemel's recent martyrdom at the hands of ISIS, there has been more coverage and so-called humor from 'Traditionalists' with regard to Pope Francis falling.  The following is the fruit and reflection of some conversations with my buddy Richard over at Agora X . (A french blog, and a brilliant theologian btw!)

Let me say that I love the EF Mass, and bathe in the Theology of St Thomas Aquinas.  The Church exists for the Salvation of souls and any social endeavor must flow from that and not be the starting point.  I believe the Church's doctrines should be clear, and then a pastoral approach developed from that starting point.  I can't help it, I used to work as a trainer.  (A bench press will grow your chest period.  Still if I find out that the person who started training has a torn pectoral muscle, then I will need to amend the exercise before bringing him full circle.)  That example is a pastoral application of a doctrine. That being said, I have never 'hid' my colors. 

First off I believe in questioning things, ultimately it is how one finds an answer.  I do not believe that every word that the Pope issues is infallible.  I am in line with Holy Mother Church.  The most recent document 'Amoris Laeticia' has recently sparked a controversy whereby some 45 theologians respectfully asked for some clarifications.  I would probably find myself in that line.  Where I do not find myself is inside the line of total disrespect and downright maliciousness toward the Holy Father!   Some memes on facebook recently surfaced laughing at the Holy Father for falling during Mass.   My question for the Traditionalist crowd is What prompts such anger that at a human level, that you would laugh at an old man falling?  Surely the Pope is the Pope, and perhaps you would question things, as would I!  Let me rephrase the question,.. If you love Holy Mother Church as you would your mother, would you scream from the rooftops if your mother was an alcoholic?  God will judge, not me.  I think we need to focus on the intentions of the Pope, and in that light, I believe they are good.

My friends, please understand that this agenda of hatred does no one any good.  I don't claim to know what is inside the Holy Father's mind, but as a son of the Church, knowing that it is Christ ultimately who guides the Church, I will always be respectful. Again, that does not mean that I won't question.  God has given us a brain and we are to make use of it.  I remember writing a similar critique of the leftist 'crew' who railed against Pope Benedict after he had issued Summorum Pontificum.  Please let us use our intelligence to ask questions and not come off as a bunch of hate mongers! As a Catholic, I trust the Holy Spirit and continue to pray for the Pope, as he is our papa on earth! 

We have recently been given a martyr.  Let us pray through the intercession of this priest, Fr Jacques Hemel, for unity among Catholics.  For an end to anger.  We need to be united, and the only way is through prayer and fasting!  You don't like something coming out of Rome?  Well,.. Pray and fast about it!  Time for all of us Catholics to get Holy or die tryin!'

St Thomas Aquinas, ora pro nobis!

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