Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Psychology of Confession.

It would seem that in our post nineteen sixties mentality choosing peace, love, and everything in between except common sense and truth, the made for profit psychology industry has mushroomed into a pharmaceutical juggernaut attempting to numb everyone's mindset into complete paralysis.  Eckert Tolle pitching his heresy laden garbage, new- age pantheistic stupidity conning desperate housewives by seducing them into thinking their way to riches and prosperity.  Well, it would seem logical then that the only one winning this con game is himself,..err actually, he along with everyone else pitching the same voodoo garbage.  Family Guy's 'Brian' (the Dog) brilliantly makes fun of said things by writing a book to mass market and profit from.  (Yes,..I watch Family Guy, call it a guilty pleasure/vice, some people eat cake!)

After an introduction like that, you should be thinking to yourself, what the hell does this have to do with theology or politics?  Well,..once again, EVERYTHING!  You see one of the main profiting industries stemming from this 'think it, feel it' crap is the psychology industry.  Every nickle and dime peon is now jumping into the game attempting solve the emotive disposition of why a serial killer wears matching socks, to how little Timmy who lost his dog when he was eight, and thus can't eat poultry because of it.  Psychology, the field where there is absolutely no objective truth and everybody's opinion is equally valid!   Gravity?  Sure,..if you believe it.  Mathematics?  Only if you FEEL you need it.  Vegetables?  Nah,..much rather eat flavoured styrofoam,..I mean since all truth is relative,..right?  Okay, I take it you get my point.   So,..we go and we pay thousands of dollars to psychologists to first off, create new mental/emotional disorders, then prescribe drugs to relieve them!  (I think I should become a psychologist!)  Seriously, these people get paid to listen to people pour their hearts out everyday complaining about this or that issue in their life,..get reaffirmed in their 'okayness' and go home happy.  Where's the therapy?  Where's da Beef?  Common sense time.   Catholics, the ones who see a regular psychologist,.. I'm going to let the blogosphere in on a little secret...Are you ready?  Catholic priests offer something called the sacrament of Reconciliation!  Y'know, 'Confession.'  It's this cool little sacrament whereby, the priest can hear about all your angst(most of the time sins, and vices), then give you sound advice and,..(get this..) offer something called 'ABSOLUTION!'  Wait!  Here is the best part,...its free!!!!!!!(Disclaimer,.you might have to perform something called penance,.usually a corporal work of mercy)  You see, there was this God 'Dude' named Jesus and he gave his 'Boyz' the power to forgive sins, through Apostolic authority!(Read Gospel of St John) .  So,..the priest guy, you see being 'ontologically' changed has the power to speak on behalf of this God dude,..this same 'God' who created the universe and can forgive your sins,..er I mean critically challenge your actions and beliefs objectively! 

If I made you laugh, I'm happy.  Still the absurdity remains, that people have set aside this incredible sacrament, yet will willingly pay a 'shrink' to hear their problems!  Aren't they f@#$'n crazy?!?!  They must be!   To every Catholic who would rather see a psychologist or a psychiatrist instead of a priest, (who btw is also trained in psychology,..) I seriously think you need your head examined!

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati,.........Ora pro nobis!


Left-footer said...

I went to my shrink
Who said that I think
Too much for my cerebral welfare.
He's nicer, at least,
Than my Catholic Priest,
Who says I'm in danger of hell-fire.

(Sorry about the half rhyme)

MikePoli said...

People will buy in to anything these days, and it is sad that such a useful substitute is available to people who choose not to use it. I think I'm due for a confession myself...

Paul Mallinder said...


Nice post.

I think you are correct in pointing out there is an objective pattern for us Catholics to follow.

I do not think right and wrong depends on the situation.

I do think "shrinks" have a very important role in helping others.

I think my examination of conscience before confession is about using my reason to understand how I have fallen short of His Majesty's pattern for me.

I also think Catholic men should be going to confession once a week to make sure they are using their human reason to examine their conscious. This will enable us to grow in holiness.

Patrick Button said...

Marco: Great Post
Left-footer: Brilliant!

Suzanne said...

I see you're from Montreal. Do you write French? Francophones needs this anti-PC thing more than English speakers do!

Teresa said...


Great post!

These psychiatrists like to give the "cure all pill" to anyone and everyone with any bit of angst or hurt feelings, all for the sake of self-esteem. There is no cure all pill for individuals. This pharmaceutical cure all hoax needs to be stopped.

The Ranter said...

Spot on! I ranted about this awhile back:

Catholics are the weird ones? Gimme a break!

Anonymous said...


I think you have to be a bit careful here, or perhaps add the following to your post: "Psychiatrists and psychologists nonetheless serve a purpose in our society for their medical work, such as helping to heal/treat/diagnose those who suffer ailments such as mental illness or autism".

Other than that, your points in the post about objective truth are very good!!