Thursday, January 6, 2011

.Multiple Things,..So little Time...

So now we are in the post Christmas, New Years Time period, while still technically before the 6th of January, nevertheless our secularized culture has already succumbed to the false notion that Christmas has passed, and on with our lives so to speak,..So, yes while I do usually speak about Catholic issues, I will try to incorporate some of my day to day activities within the mindset of Catholic framework.  Often times a blog can serve as a means of communication because too many cool things can happen all at once.  So back to the post and here we go,..

I think G.K. Chesterton serves as an example in many ways of how mankind has fallen so far from the realm of common sense that the likelyhood of acceptible absurdity whether in the school system or day to day life will become the status quo.  Case in point, every January, my job as a personal trainer becomes (to some people anyways,..) that of a witch doctor.  A few years back, I posted on several different personality types one can encounter in a gym setting.  To find that post, in the search bar or navigate throught the archives.  Yesterday, I encountered enough people asking me to 'make me lose weight' (a usual post Christmas request) that you could have thought I'd had a secondary career as a magician or sorceror.   People, to surmize, dropping weight, one has to diet!  Especially if they are over the age of 30!  Your caloric input must be less than the caloric output!  Couple that with a sensible cardio/resistance program  and presto!  You will drop weight.  Can you drop absurd amounts in shorts periods of time?  The simple answer is yes(not healthy),..however it is not recommended and thus is preferrable that a steady drop will enable you to lose fat, not just water.

My buddy Fr Greg is at it again!  This time with a video highlighting the beauty of 'Ad Orientum Liturgy.'  Now the question remains,.in this looney tune arch-diocese, is he begging to get suspended?  Well,.the stark reality on paper is he might be.  The heterodox hijacking of the See of Montreal has resulted in an all out assault against orthodoxy, and the subsequent promotion of every known dissident heretic under the Cardinal,..and if they are not heretics, they certainly lack testicular fortitude! (No balls...)  The new generation of priests differ than their predessesors in several ways,..two of them being they love Jesus, they love His Church.  That doesn't fly because it goes against the standard social justice nonsense which seeks to turn the Church into nothing more than a horizontal feel good charity campaign.  The response especially from younger Catholics who seek to practise their faith has been nothing but positive!  Too bad liberals!!

Next week,..Optimusmastro presents the candidates for Intellectual Terrorist for 2010!

St Andre de Mont Royal,......Priez pour nous.

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Mike said...

The new generation of priests differ than their predessesors in several ways,..two of them being they love Jesus, they love His Church.

Something for us to be very grateful for....