Friday, January 7, 2011

And The Nominees are,....

As was mentioned briefly last week,..I Optimusmastro will present to you the nominees for 'Intellectual Terrorist' of the year!  The people who will be mentioned will come from an array of political spectrum, Catholic figures, people who just annoy me.   If anyone feels that I should have mentioned more,..well I know,.but there is only so much blogging I can do!   So without further goes.  Enjoy!  St Monica,..(patron saint of patience),.......Ora pro nobis!

1.   Fr. Richard McBrien.  The Notre Dame 'priest' professor and CNN's favorite catholik pissboy trotted out by the media everytime the Church negatively makes the secular news,..or in those rare occasions where a 'good' thing happens,. is brought before the TV cameras to explain to the world how it is really bad and piety is part of the pre-conciliar Church...This year McBrien spoke in the National Crapolic Reporter about how Eucharistic devotions are a 'spiritual step backwards.'  It could be argued that his digestive tract is found in his cranium, especially since he suffers from innumerable gazzy brainfarts for such a smart guy.

2.  The Anglican Communion:  Although not a person per se, the Anglican communion can best be described as a spiritual anomaly of sorts.  Truly devoid of any substance, it adheres to absolutely no set dogmas, and it can be argued that it acts as a 'primer' for an eventual Islamic takeover.  (see England)  They can look like Catholics, but the ones who still truly accept Anglo-Catholicism are now on their way back to Rome.  The left overs, follow the arch-bishop of Canterbury (Rowan Williams), who during the year argued in favour of Islamic law (Sharia) in Britain,..because y'know he wanted to dialogue...(about what is still unclear...)  Favours 'ordination' of women, marriage of gays, no absolutes,..rumours abound that he'll soon declare a three sided circle to be a logical opinion.

3.  Gregory Baum and Bishop Remi Deroo:  Although currently these two social justice Intellectual terrorists currently hold the subjective tag team championships for Orwellian thought and general stupidity,..(They should also be up for my 'stupid' award, or in their case,..stoooopuuud!)  Gregory Baum,..Canada's answer to the current reigning heresiarch Champion of the world, Fr Hans Kung.  Baum started out as a priest, left without the Holy See's permission by the way(so he's excommunicated), married a former nun, and promotes a 'Spirit of Vatican II' ideology so marxist it would make our neighbours' beloved president Barrack Hussein blush...He currently still teaches at McGill in Montreal and works in conjunction with 'Culture et Foi' a Jesuit based social justice vehicle advocating every and tolerating every creed.  Ooops..sorry not every creed, they have an allergic reaction to Catholicism,.y'know the one that's faithful to magisterial teaching.

Bishop Remi Deroo was a Council father at the second Vatican Council and again promotes a social justice lefty looney gospel (shock,..) and ecological crap.  He served the diocese of Victoria British Columbia, and left it neaarly bankrupt, because he wanted to breed horses.  Yup, horses.  The kind of dissident sadly you just want to punch in the face,..(sorry Lord..but at thirty three I've embraced my faith and though it is hard,..I desire Holiness)  Bishop Deroo, is an expert on the enneagram,.(red flag anyone?) ,.advocate for women's ordination and currently tours the speaking circuit with Baum.   He is best known on Youtube as the celebrant in the Call to Action liturgical mad science experiment with puppets,..giant puppets and dancers, who were most likely high on bad mushrooms.  See link above.  The picture below is Gregory Baum with Bishop Gumbleton,..not exactly known for his robust defense of orthodoxy... These two stalwarts of progressivism dialogue with each other,.in the name of dialogue.  Funny I thought dialogue occurred when you have two different opinions and you seek to find Truth...

4.  Barrack Hussein Obama.  Otherwise known as Al Quieda's favorite US president.  As Canadians we were always known as more left of centre, we have a Prime Minister(Harper) who is socially conservative, albeit in a minority government, and our big brother through hollywood, Oprah and the stigma of being called rascist elected in a socialist.   IT kind of feels like the brother you thought was soo cool comes out of the closet as a crossdresser.   Ah,..I used to remember GI Joe and the Rocky movies.  What happened?  Obama, with no political experience can cut a promo akin to the Rock speaking about Stone Cold Steve Austin or Undertaker.  The only problem is that the Rock has substance,..then again Barrack Hussein has Oprah!  How bout' dem apples?!?  It seems that no matter what happens, it is still 'W's' fault and the lefty media is only all too happy to promote this,...I mean you don't want to be called rascist,..right?  Trying to force feed a health care bill to the US that let's face it their population can't sustain(notice how I didn't mention abortion even though it would be part of what is considered women's health!!!!), especially in light of an economic crisis set into motion by Bill Clinton's democrats in the nineties.  Speaking of the Democrats, can anyone tell me just what the hell they stand for?   Clinton and the left leaning intelligentia deregularized the banks giving way to everyone and their great grandmother refinancing themselves into financial ruin,..the funny part is that house appraisers were in the back pocket of the mortgage brokers and loan officers became very rich.  Well,.like anything that is,..err well unsustainable(Obama) eventually it catches up to you, and George W was left holding the bag,..remember Fannie Mae?  According to the media though it was still W's fault.  Barrack ran on the democratic party's ticket despite having no political experience and was backed by the most important group, the hollywood left intelligentia, who are all multi millionaires..(irony anyone?)  Forget the Notre Dame University scandal, appearance by Barrack at Georgetown demanded that the school cover up any religious art or culture prior to his visit.  'But you Canadians have nationalized health care,!'..uh yeah, we also have a population of thirty million relying on foreign trade.  Our hospital waiting rooms are packed and we are expriencing a brain drain the likes which is unprecedented.   Barrack Hussein is also nominated for an Optimusmastro stooopuud award,...then again don't want to be called rascist by Oprah,....or gasp,.!  The Beastie Boys!  If you've reached this far,..know that St Monica has already been invoked!



TH2 said...

I am glad you included Baum in the list. A real menace that has done so much damaga. I have a long piece in draft form on his works/ideas, which hopefully I will post some time this year.

The Ranter said...

Every time I read or hear about "Father" McBrien, I have this uncontrollable urge to smack his glasses off.