Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Onward Liberal Soldiers Towards a New Future,..

Sadly it has become irreversible.  We are now locked and set on a course for westren self destruction coupled with a false understanding of compassion and tolerance serving as the battle cry for what will undoubtably be a new population demographic and a new way of life based upon what our silly sixties previous generation gave us.  Let's see,..sexual revolution, this opened us up to experiencing pleasure without thinking about the consequences,..the result, failed marriages, abortions, homosexual so-called marriage, the billion dollar contraception industry and of course AIDS.   In the name of 'peace' we have forgotten what it means to fight for something we truly believe in, we have confused meekness and weakness and through pornography, a feminization of men occurred.  Sorry ladies,..but your future Prince Charming will probably want to cry in your arms, instead of the reverse,..telling you about his 'feelings' while you and the girls go out to play paintball...

So what's the solution?  Well, it's so simple, yet has been found left untried.  The answer is the Catholic Church in all Her glory.  Jesus preaches love by laying down His life for many.  This act, this salvific act gives us access to the Cross and enables us to partake in the Eucharist, giving us the necessary grace needed to be truly free from our sins.  Think about it,.is a fifteen year porn addict really free?  For that matter, is a 40yr old married porn addict equally free?  This was the so-called freedom that our parents wanted?  Constantly having to satisfy an urge,..the sociologists and pseudo pop psychologists need lobotomies if they truly believe that this is normal.  So now, we are here and full with all our experiences,..we the few, Generation Benedict, been there, done that,...finally stepping up and saying, 'no mom and dad, this doesn't work!'  Condoms DO NOT prevent AIDS anymore than placing scotch tape or a band-aid will stop a bursting dam.  The Church, authentic and faithful to the Magisterium, Her members are now prepared to die for Her.  The reality we will.  Islam is here, and it is not a religion of peace.  Please do not confuse 'submission' with 'peace.' I am not saying individual muslims are evil,..I'm saying that Islam will provide a temporary 'conservative' solution to people hungering and thirsting for authentic truth, and just like any counterfit, it will satisfy the short term, as it is on many university campuses.

Heterodox crowd, please read the signs of the times and step aside.  Your time is over, and something went terribly wrong with your socialist understanding/mad experiment of how man can become his own saviour and thus save himself.  You see he can't.  You must concede, and finally succumb to the terrible reality that your future grandchildren will inherit.  Liberal priests,.learn St Thomas, go to confession, grow a set of balls and remember why it is that God called you to priesthood.  On martyr's feast days wear red, and remember why you wear it. (You are prepared to die)  Put the Tabernacle back, get rid of your Liturgy commitees, social justice groups, anyone who doesn't tackle issues such as Abortion first and foremost.   Put God back in the centre.  The year is 2011,..we have a few years left,..then we become the muslim west and we have only ourselves to blame.  RIP Europe, you were a cultural masterpiece in your heyday.  Happy New Year.



APPIAN said...

Excellent, I was writing about this just the other day.

Left-footer said...

Hah! While I was ponderously mulling over my next post, you've done it for me, and better.

Another great one. Thanks, and keep 'em coming!

MikePoli said...

Well said Optimus! Too much tip-toeing through the tulips going on out there. Time to get back to the point.