Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fr Cutie,..Celibacy,.

Two posts this week, what a lucky readership I have!!  Seriously sometimes too many things, events or conversations take place that I feel warrant a forum to be discussed.  Today's post, and ironicallly Jimmy Akin's as well will focus on the case of Fr Albert Cutie.  It seems Fr Cutie has written a book in which he justifies his actions of not being faithful to the DISCIPLINE of celibacy and thus ended up in scandal,..then further scandal by leaving God's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, and entering the one, progressive, multi-wordshipul(I made up a word, if liberals can do it, so can I) and  gender neutral Anglican Communion.  Sorry Anglicans, but anyone with half a brain can discern that your 'Church' is about as likely to survive as the Dodo bird in the early half of the twentieth century.  Now that I've backed up ecumenical relations with the anglicans for the time being, (Yeah, like women's ordination and no clear cut dogma didn't already do that!...) let's get back to the subject of the former Catholic priest known at one time as Fr 'Oprah.' 

A little primer,..for those of us that don't remember, Fr Cutie was involved with a woman back in May of 2009.  It would seem that papparazzi pictures of him at the beach were taken and then sold to a tabloid.  The chain reaction of scandal, albeit justified by the liberal socialist anti-Church press turning Fr Cutie into a martyr and then his subsequent defection and entry into schism!  (We must remember that Fr Cutie is validly ordained!)  The news panels quickly shifted their attention to the sex abuse scandal and then the piece de resistance as every Catholic 'expert' was trotted out before the cameras to petition the Church to change!  (Y'know the ones,.Fr Richard McBrien, Sister Jabba the,..ooops Joan Chittister and the rest of the 'spirit' of VII crowd...)  So in the end,.Fr Cutie commits scandal and is quickly absolved, and we the audience are fed the line of socialist crap that the Church should change!  Now fast forward, and he's writing a book to tell people of his experience, and how he felt called to marriage too, (ie horny..) and thus desired the best of both worlds.  I smell a New York times bestseller!! (BTW,.Fr Euteneur's book hasn;t received the same coverage,..cause y'know it actually deals with important issues, exorcism,..the antidote to Eckert Tolle published demonic toilet paper,..)

At supper with a few friends, I usually get asked some questions about the Church coupled with some bold paced pronounced all based on media indoctrination and misconception.  Naturally the conversation turned to the celibacy issue and how if it were changed, there would be more vocations.  I think my answer startled most people.  I argued that from a perspective of Faith, one first is called to celibacy and thus chastity, then is called to either priesthood or religious life.  The sexual dimension is but one facet of an overall picture.  An indivual called to marriage, while entering his vows must prepare himself or herself for the possibility of chastity as well.  Imagine a guy dates and marries the most beautiful woman in the world,...sigh,..then BAM!!!  A piano falls on her head, paralyzing her from the waist down, meaning she can't 'function' sexually.  A real man will know that his love for his wife will transcend that reality and thus will bear his new cross of chastity freely out of love for his wife.  Similarly a woman marries a guy who six months into their marriage is stricken with a disease whereby nothing 'works' anymore.  If she's a real woman, she won't be receiving visits from the pool boy!  She will freely accept out of love, her new found chastity within marriage.  Back to priesthood.  An authentic calling finds the guy viewing the Church as his bride, obviously the sexual dimension is not there, but the love is!  Fr Cutie commits a fatal error in logic when he says he was called to priesthood and marriage.  Why?  Simply because of the question that Mrs Fr Cutie must ask herself everyday,..If he wasn't faithful to one vocation, what makes her think he'll be faithful to another?  Fr Cutie, just admit, you were horny, and you wanted to screw around!  Please don't reference the Eastern Church, because even they need to be married first, if they want to be a priest afterward they can, they can't become a priest, then get married.  Besides, their discipline is not ours.

What pains me most when discussing these points with secular or heterodox catholics, is the following:  Why is it that they will pontificate the celibacy issue as the main cause for the sex abuse scandal,.while not wondering aloud why these problems don't surface in Buddhist or Hindu male monestaries?  Do they believe that when the Bishop lays hands on your head, you suddenly get the urge to molest children?  Seriously liberals, get your head out of your ass!  The answer is that they are afraid of truth period.  The scandal, the HOMOSEXUAL scandal, the one that broke out where nearly every victim was male and post pubescant was not caused by celibacy!  It was caused by SIN,..and perhaps poor judgment admitting certain men to seminaries looking to hide from the world!  Fr Cutie,..I pray for your soul,..that one day, you might reconcile yourself to the Church!

St Maria Gorreti,.....Ora pro nobis!


Toyin O. said...

Praying for that father:) Interesting post.

Teresa said...

Great post, Marco!

You are spot on! It was homosexuality and Fr. Cutie's decision to give into temptation, giving into his sexual urges instead of displaying self-control and his dissenting from the One True Church which was his and other priests' downfall - their sin- and not celibacy. Celibacy is not the problem but rather a lack of faithfulness that is the problem.