Friday, December 17, 2010

The Ultimate Warrior! My hero when I was 10,.my Inspiration at 33!

What a title! What else can I say? I know if you're in my age bracket, your thinking about the Ultimate Warrior running down the aisle heading into the ring,.those clothelines, winning the championship at Wrestlemania 6 and getting stuffed into a coffin by a then very young Undertaker. So your asking yourself, what the hell does this have to do with Catholicism or Social Conservatism? The answer EVERYTHING!

It would seem that the Ultimate Warrior has rebirthed himself as a fitness guru and proponent of traditional values. I made this discovery by accident while surfing and coming across old youtube videos of him wrestling. Next thing I now,..I'm listening to him give a lecture at a university! Granted maybe some people might disagree with his content delivery methods,..but WOW! I surfed in to his website, and will invite everone else to visit his blog. Among the works he's familiar with, Aristotle, Aquinas, C.S. Lewis,..I couldn't believe it. Needless to say I'm devouring most of his blog. There is very little about pro wrestling and to answer a question, yes his legal name is 'Warrior.' He is not Catholic (Yet...) but from his writings, I think we'll all agree he'll be coming home, (God willing) soon. I could see it now,..(Howard Finkel voice) 'Making his debut with the Catholic Church, weighing in at 270lbs, from Parts Unknown,..The Ultimate Warrior!!' (Cue music) Da,...da,da,da,.daaaaaaa,..(guitar riff...)

Oh, I digress!! I put a link to his blog in my links section!

St Jude,.....Ora pro nobis!


Left-Footer said...

I must check this out!

Teresa said...

I must confess, I like sports but wrestling isn't on the list of sports that I pay attention to that much. But, this is cool! A famous wrestler speaking and standing up for traditional values. I like the trend. Hope this trend continues in all sports.

Checking out his site now.

Left-footer said...

Nothing could be more manly for men, or more womanly for women, than being a Catholic.

Patrick Button said...

"What the hell does this have to do with Catholicism or Social Conservatism? The answer EVERYTHING!"

I love it!

Maria said...

Checked out his blog. I like :)

By the way I used to watch WWF as a kid and I totally remember this guy AND my fave wrestler was The Undertaker! True story :)

Marco said...

@Left Footer,..So true my brother,.nothing is more manlier than Catholic manhood! We need the feminized clergy to go on a few Fr Corapi retreats!

@Teresa,..Most woman aren't into Wrestling or MMA/ but as you said its kinda cool when someone you looked up to as a kid turns into something positive!

@Patrick,..Thanks bro! Surely you must remember this guy? He is an icon!

@Maria,..I too was a fan of WWF! However I was in primary school when Undertaker stuffed the Warrior into the coffin,..not good! ;)