Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Liberal Ostrich Syndrom.

This week I've had enough, and will head down to register a new psychological disorder,.it's really not that new, but you'd swear to speak about it openly will cause more people to ostracize you than they did the lepers at the time of Jesus. L.O.S. which will stand for Liberal Ostrich Syndrom usually starts out as S.O.S. (Help!) socialist ostrich syndrome. The intent initially is good,.you get the rest of the buzzwords of tolerance, acceptance, dialogue,..none of them evil or agenda ridden in any way, until they become usurped by the wrong crowd. Now once again, for the benefit of my readership and just to annoy the social justice crowd, let me reiterate that I'm not against the environment, not against animals, not against women and therefore please do not accuse me of such nonsense. I am however for the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth! Liberals hate truth, hide from truth and thus refuse to accept truth,..hence the term for what I will call their new psychological disease.

As a Catholic, it can be sometimes agonizingly painful to watch as we (Catholic Christians) seem to be the only acceptable religious group for outside sources (the lefty media) to criticize and ridicule. Throughout our history, there have been times when yes, we needed to take a look at ourselves in the mirror. The sex abuse scandal, Bishops transferring homosexual priests from parish to parish, that needed to be brought to attention so that justice might be mitted out. However, it does become curious when it is discovered that the nature of the problem is something different than what the media are reporting and likewise, other faith 'traditions' have more problems in that field than Catholics do, yet these stories never see the light of day!

Several weeks back,.a terrorist attack took place inside a Christian Church in Iraq. Well, it did make the ticker on CNN, but the focus became religious extremism. While that is true, it underscores the Islamic problem! Yup, there I go being politically incorrect again! Islam doesn't seem to 'get it!' This isn't new, they've tried twice before to conquer the world in the name of Allah, yet the liberal media, saddled with LOS (head in sand) refuses to acknowledge the obvious. Even a superficial reading of their history, let alone their philosophy can attest to that! The mosque at Ground Zero? Why was there even a debate? Hypothetically switch it around, if Catholics terrorized a mosque, would they call it religious extrmemism,..No! They would call it Catholic violence. My question is this,..Why is there such a f'n double standard? The media should report facts, and leave their biases at home. Then again they have sponsors. That being said, Charlie Sheen will always find work,.despite his issues,..Mel Gibson will have problems buying a sandwich...

Liberals,.stop! Just stop. What exactly are you trying to do? You claim to be for justice and fairness, yet you won't let or you will suppress things and issues that go against your agenda. So let's stop with the B.S. and make a New Year's resolution, okay?..No more Global Warming/Climate crap, no more ridiculous issues designed to steer you away from the real problems,.(protesting the mining of cell phones while Abortion mills are being set up. C'mon social justice crowd, I think we can do better!)) Get your collective heads out of your asses! No more socialist nonsense! No more imaginery population control H1N1 or R2D2 or swine/bird/pigeon/seagull flu vaccinations,..We want the Truth! So let's start now,..Do you know what will happen after December 21st 2012? The answer will be December 22nd 2012. I think I made my point.

St Jude,.....Ora pro nobis.


Tony said...

I guess I'll have to take your word for it.

"... if Catholics terrorized a mosque, would they call it religious extrmemism,..No! They would call it Catholic violence."

What's your point? I get the anger, just don't know where it's directed.

Left-footer said...

Marco - I take it that your anger (and mine) is directed at the fact that when an 'acceptable' group do or say something stupid, evil, inconsistent, or illegal, the press lloks the other way, and is strangely silent.

When an 'unacceptable' group (Catholics, Christians who actually have the temerity to live their Faith)is in the spotlight, the press and blabbermouths like Dawkins swarm over them like ants at a picnic.

Who, for example, outside the blogosphere, ever brings up the subject of Mohammed's under-age bride?

Patrick Button said...

The best New Years Resolution I've heard in a long time!

Left-footer said...

Forgot to add - Great post Marco.

Optimusmastro said...

@ Tony, anger,..frustration is directed at an establishment which only sees bad in the Church, nowhere else! My buddy Left-Footer got it spot on!

@ Left Footer,..the inconsistency that irks me! Thanks for the kind words by the way!

@Patrick,...Thanks dude!

Teresa said...

Left-Footer is spot on!

Great post, Marco!

The double-standard irks me to no end. The MSM or Left Stream Media, as I call them, are really the cover up the truth police instead of having journalistic integrity and standing for the truth.

Tony said...

From Fox:

"Among the chemicals that Jakubec is accused of possessing is PETN, the powerful explosive that has shown up in prominent terrorism cases on airplanes, including the 2001 shoe bomb plot, last year's underwear bomb plot and the recent cargo plane bomb plot."

How come they never mention Jakubec's religion? I'm gonna go out on a limb and wager that he's Christian, and I'll predict he's probably a catholic.

Damn conservative media bias!

Teresa said...


Actually a Muslim is the #2 shareholder of Fox now so that may have something to do with it.

Tony said...

It's too confusing. I can't keep all the conspiracies straight. So, the Muslim-run Fox News is protecting the motive of the Christian terrorist?

*scratches head*

I guess I'll have to wait for Glenn Beck's Blackboard (TM) to clear it all up.

Teresa said...


Thought you were joking about him being Catholic. There are so many Muslims trying to bomb us lately that I added him to the list.

Gee... You forgot to mention that he did this all in the name of "Jesus" and for religious reasons. NOT. Because he didn't. But, those Muslims commit violence all in the name of Allah.

Tony said...

he might have... the biased media would never report it.

TH2 said...

I'm a bit of a pessimist and will say that things are going to get worse. On top of liberal Kool-Aid drinkers you have the emerging militant atheist class equipped with crackpot ideas and who think that Richard Dawkins and Dan Brown are deep, penetrating philosophers.

But, if it's any consolation, remember: "I have chosen you out of the world. Therefore the world hates you". The more the hatred, contempt and violence heaped against Catholics, the more the berserkers demonstrate Catholic truth. This is why Catholicism is singled out. But, of course, the Vulgar Fascists are oblivious to it.

Tony said...

TH2 makes a good point, if Catholics know they are correct and the bounty of heaven awaits them, then why all the Sturm and Drang here on earth? It is rather odd for Catholics to feel victimized by militant atheists when it is they who have access to the unalloyed Word of God.

Optimusmastro said...

Militant Atheism in and of itself has become a religion,..personally when speaking about Dawkins, strikes me that he won't consider Aristotle's unmoved 'mover' argument let alone go deeper into Aquinas. As far as the whole 'Catholic' bashing goes,..Tony,..if a terrorist attempts to blow up anything in the name of Christianity, from a purely philosophical perspective,..he's wrong..Christianity having an authority, can in the name of that authority and using human reason, declare moral absolutes. Islam can't. From its inception, there concept of 'good' is not 'that which is in accord with the nature of the thing.' But rather what Allah declares. As far as the double standard,..c'mon when is the last time we saw a story regarding the astronomical number of abuse cases within the protestant traditions,..or as left-footer pointed looked at Mohammed's interest in a nine year girl?

Tony said...

You won't find me defending Mohammed, his pedophilia, or any of the whack behavior from monotheists in general. My point is that you may be making this "Ostrich Syndrome" case too far.

Christians and Catholics are given wide latitude in this society for their crimes. I see no consistency in your arguments from this blog. I'll always find it odd that a group, any group, can avail themselves special privilege based on their claim of dialog with a supreme supernatural being.

Clergy in Milwaukee, Boston and oodles of other places were not investigated due to their status as priests. Bishops were not held for criminal charges when knowingly placing criminal employees in schools. This is a society-wide problem. This is as much an indictment of our secular legal structure as it is of the RCC.

Every criminal that professes allegiance to Allah is not necessarily doing because of this relationship, just as priests were not molesting kids because they were catholic. Sick, demented people- the guy who kidnapped Eliz Smart, the Fort Hood shooter, Scott Roeder, the Underwear Bomber, the Shoe Bomber-- will use any excuse to justify their crimes. I put these all in the same camp- nutjobs who co-opt monotheism for their for their own perverse reasons.

The Arab world has another group of perpetrators that are classified as political actors. The 9-11 hijackers were about as Muslim as Sarah Palin is. Their motivation was purely political-- they and OBL have a gripe with the West's intrusion into their homeland. Period. read OBL's declaration of war. If they dress it up as a Jihad, they had get more support from the mouthbreathing masses, but that is all secondary.

Toyin O. said...

Great post, I think you made your point.

Optimusmastro said...

@Tony,..I've read both Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilizations and Edward Said's Orientalism,..(regarding your comment about 911 hijackers being about as muslim as Sarah Palin is...)I would ask you to read Averroes, Al-Ghazali or even the Qur'an itself,..Clearly I'm on Huntington's side, but I didn't start out that way. I'm looking at it from a purely metaphysical point of view.

@ Toyin,..Thank-you God Bless!

Anonymous said...

if a muslim asked if i was muslim i'd respond "yes"
if a christian asked if i was christian i'd respond "yes"
if a budhist asked if i was budhist i'd respond "no" just because he wouldn't give a shit.

The solicitors of the media want to create sides, by setting right and left against each other it makes the population easier to control. Politics is a perfect example of this, but if a person doesn't believe in politics then u need to use something more personal to get into they're head. When they get u angry they win and they know it worked, so they do it again and again and again, it doesn't stop because it works.... Now i may not have the right to call myself a Catholic Christian according to some but i also don't feel that i need to. My morals were built upon the teachings of Jesus Christ and friends but they also taught about temptation. Anger in my opinion is a by product of temptation. Spread the teachings not the human element. Do we really need to call ourselves catholic to teach it, or do we call ourselves catholic to promote it?

Btw Glenn Beck is just another paid journalist, don't hold your breathe for him to clear it all up for u;) (TONY)