Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Wrap Up,..Q & A

With Christmas,.(not 'holiday day') a few days away, I figured now is as good a time as any to wish everyone a very Happy and Holy Christmas.  This past year has been great as far as readership for 'Confessions' goes and I personally would love to thank everyone who takes time out of their day to read this blog.  Especially in light that sometimes this blog serves as an emotional outlet for a rant against heterodoxy, socialism and the general Orwellian thought process that accompanies the first two.  Well, today its gonna be different,..every once in a while I answer frequently asked questions regarding email sent to me,..soooo today will be that day!   The questions will be paraphrased...

1.  Are you Catholic?  Why are you so condescending towards other people? (from a student)

Ans:  No,..I belong to the Western branch of Reformed Presby-lutheranism  pastored by Reverend Timothy Lovejoy!  Hope you can take a joke,..!   Yes I am Catholic.  As far as your second question,.liberals have manipulated media for soo long, it has become common place to accept as truth any left of centre idea put forward by lefty elites.  I do not condescend people,.but I will condescend ideas.  If I come off as condescending, that is not my intent.  What I am trying to do is come off as 'satirical' and 'sarcastic.'  (By the way,..the person who sent me that email is a fan of Bill Maher,..irony anyone?)

2.   Why are you so pro American?  (from a 'Social Justice advocate')

Ans:  I am no more pro American than I am a proud Canadian! Hockey, maple syrup and Tim Horton's!   As a Canadian, I am happy that my bourders are secure as they are  defended by the strongest country in the world.  They are our largest trading partner.  What that means Mr Social Justice, is that if they ever wanted to they could make us starve!  You don't like it,..move nextdoor to China or the Sudan,..send me a postcard,..cause y'know those countries according to your silence, are beacons of paradise.  It does pain me that so many Americans,.(manipulated by lefty hollywood?) voted in a socialist,..yup a socialist, whose middle name is 'Hussein.'  By the way, were you offended that I wished them a happy 4th of July? 

3.  Were you always this way?

Ans.  No, most people, I was poorly catechized and nearly brainwashed into the mindset of,.'Well the Catholic Church is a nice place to be,.but it has to change with the times and y'know one religion is as good as another,..Paul probably founded Christianity,...blah,.blah,.blah...' The priests on the french side of the diocese advanced this stuff.  Long story short, I always had a fascination with religion,( nearly converted to Islam) and one day was buying a book at a local diocesan bookstore.  I saw a priest,.who actually was young and looked 'normal.'  The older priests were always a bit,..shall we say 'light in the loafers' or so I thought,..Anyway I engaged this guy in conversation and what followed was an intellectual ass kicking par excellance!  I was physically exhausted from the mental beating this priest gave me, and was still shocked that he was normal!  Still friends with this priest to this day!  (Remember, I've always participated in a physical activity and am reasonably considered a muscular dude,..martial arts, hockey, wrestling,.)  I started devouring everything, Bible, catechism, Summa, (even in University,.as a Poli Sci student started majoring in philosophy,..),..The final push was April 2005,..sitting inside Marie Reine du Monde Cathedral in vigil for Pope John Paul II.

4.   How do I get Abs?  (woman from Italy)

Abs, friends are not made in the gym,..they are made in the kitchen pure and simple!   You can do all the sittups, and leg raises in the world,.but if your diet isn't reflecting that, your abs won't show!  Don't get me wrong, you train your abs in the gym,.but to get that 'beach body' look, you'll need to diet!  Any inquiries can be made by linking to Elle Nutrition and/or supplementing with Elle Nutrition protein,..its only 40$ but its well worth it especially for women.

Merry Christmas!......Maranatha!


Angelo said...

"Cuando estaba esperando, llegaste Señor. ¡Te necesitaba en mi corazón!"
Feliz y Santa Noche de Navidad. Un abrazo
Sorry. Today in spanish

Teresa said...

Wishing you a most Blessed and Merry Christmas, Marco.

Left-footer said...

Hope you are having a great Christmas, Marco.