Monday, December 27, 2010

A Christmas Moment of Contemplation

Yesterday,.(Sunday) I woke up and got on the scale,..174 lbs!  At first I expected a slight bump yet at the same time was shocked to actually see it.  Now coming from the fitness world,.makes me well aware that it would take an excess of 3500 calories to gain about one pound of fat.  Nevertheless, I must backtrack.  So turning back the clock,.to Christmas Eve,..the menu:  spaghetti aglio e olio, calamari in a red sauce,.eel,.baccala, (salted cod) and smelts, finally plenty of homemade wine and dessert!  Okay so far?  We relax and prepare for Midnight Mass...My father and Godfather/uncle still drinking,..because,..well una cena senza vino e come' una giornata senza sole.  My mother and aunts were well,..baking,..ummm baking...So midnight Mass comes and goes, return home to more panninis then off to bed,..on a full stomach!

The next morning sees me up at 6am,.(don't ask why) and without so much as a moment of thought, once again gluttony begins yet anew...fresh pastries, egg nog and brandy, along with every other imaginable culinary pleasure.  Supper time!  Family friends gathered around a large table and off we went again, zuppa straciatella, prociutto with melon then Turkey.  We were so busy gorging ourselves we forgot to invite Jesus to His own birthday!  When did Christmas turn into this?  The way I acted and viewed food was nothing short of disgusting.  How a religious holiday turned into such an excuse for gluttony blew my mind!  In one short second, my Christmas was ruined.  I think next year its time I give back.   My mind over and over raced to the parable of the rich man and Lazarus,...Yet Sunday morning I was more concerned with how much weight I put on.

I think we can all agree that Christmas is a time we look forward to,..yet this Christmas,.was for me an interior look at my conscience.  How many people were homeless,. in shelters?  At least they were better off, because despite all the goodies we had in our stomachs and under our trees,..we were missing something/someone that they had,...they had Jesus.

St Michael the Archangel,........Ora pro nobis.


MxGoddess said...

Your post made me feel better about pigging out this Christmas :). However, it also made me think: was my focus on Christ? Yes, but now that I look back I most certainly could have done much more. So all I can do is choose today to try and give heart more fully to Jesus, and move forward from here, so when Christmas 2011 comes along I won't look back after with a frown.
Thanks for your post Marco! God bless you always.

Teresa said...

Your post made me think, how did society end up commercializing and straying so far from the true meaning of Christmas?

I ate a bunch also but I did focus on Christ as well. I guess that combination isn't so bad. I am sure that I could have focused more on Christ, though.