Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baum, Voris and Rosica....(All walk into a bar,..)

Sounds like the beginning of a joke,..So much news in Catholic circles has been given to Fr Thomas Rosica (Salt and Light) and his recent interview with pseudo ‘theologian’/modernist heretic Gregory Baum, that yes,..I have decided to weigh into this debate and give my two cents.  It seems that certain ‘so-called’ traditionalists think I’ve abandoned ship because I dared criticize their little poster boy with the funky hair, Michael Voris.  Well newsflash!!!!  I have never critiqued the content of Voris, however I do critique his approach at times especially on the Vortex, which is offered for free, and at times is the only tool some people watch to fuel their anger at the lack of leadership of the hierarchy.   Sometimes I think Voris has a giant Teletraan-1 computer with satelites (gratuitous Transformers reference) at his headquarters which allows him pinpoint every abuse and heresy from around the world.  

So to calm the masses, I am dead set against Fr Rosica inviting Baum on Salt and Light’s ‘Witness.’  I don’t know what he was thinking, inviting an excommunicated ex-priest onto the show, to celebrate Vatican II(more like the ‘spirit/poltergeist’ of VII as Vatican II is to be read within the hermeneutic of continuity)  As Catholics we have enough trouble trying to figure out our own identity that we don’t need theological spin doctors who espouse everything from so-called gay ‘marriage,’ pro-choice and every other goofy proposition, not to mention intrinsic evil,.. that had NOTHING to do with Vatican II.  We can argue that Professor Baum desires the ‘good’ of the Church, but that is ultimately a non issue.  We do not need Baum’s brainwashing nonsense penetrating Catholics at a time when the Reform of the Reform is well underway.

At the same time, (Traditionalists hold your breath,..) I was also against Fr Rosica interviewing Bishop Fellay of the SSPX.  The reasons are pretty much the same.  We do not need Fellay, (Still in schism) confusing Catholics as well.  The SSPX, despite probably good intentions by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre as well as Fellay, are in an ‘irregular’ communion.  Obediance is a virtue, and usually sets out the roadmap to a person’s holiness.  Examples of Padre Pio, and Sr Lucy of Fatima come to mind, they were silenced and they obeyed. 

To conclude, I am and remain a loyal son of the Magisterium, nothing changes.  I follow Jesus, not Voris, Baum, Corapi, Rosica or any other personality or outlet.  I am against Salt and Light interviewing people outside the Church, when it concerns matters of the Church.  Whether they be excommunicated or in schism, for whatever reason.  I do not know Fr Rosica’s intentions, perhaps he has to answer to investors?  Maybe he's starved for ratings? (my opinion,..)  Remember he has to shepherd souls, and we are not in his position.  As for Michael Voris?  I like him, I have met him, I think the Church needs him.  My own experience however, is that one can pinpoint problems, that’s fine.  However we need to find solutions,…that’s the tricky part.  Our Lady gave us a way through the Rosary, fasting and prayer.

***On a final note, I will congratulate the President of the United States who was elected Tuesday night for a second term.  Obviously my readership knows my views.  I will ask for prayers, for the conversion of the heart of Barrack Obama, so that he may realize his views on abortion are simply demonic.  As well for a change of his heart regarding religious freedom,..The stage is set for the Catholic Church to undergo persecution, and the cause?  ‘Luke warm’ catholics.  Cardinal Francis George of Chicago’s words keep ringing in my head, especially in light of potentially becoming a priest,.to paraphrase, -‘ I will probably die in a bed, my successor probably in a jail cell, and his successor will be killed.***

Our Lady of Guadalupe,……………………..ora pro nobis.

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