Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Vocation Struggle,..

'The world needs priests because the world is in need of Jesus Christ!' - So are paraphrased the words from my Archbishop Christian Lepine as Jesus created two new priests for the diocese of Montreal.  I had the honour and privilege of acting as Cross bearer at this amazingly Spiritual event.  Fr Alexandre Tran and Fr Alfred Moubayed were ordained this past Friday.  Both awesome holy men, faithful to Holy Mother Church!

The ordination caused a flood of emotions in me, from Joy to unworthiness to complete anxiety, all of which are completely normal.  It seems since my entrance into the seminary, I sometimes break down, trying to figure out my complete unworthiness to even discern this Sacrament.  God calls all of us to a vocation, some to the married state, some to religious life and yes some to priesthood.  Perhaps I'm repeating myself in writing this blog post, but I've never been truly happier in my life.  I guess this is an open letter to any young man out there, or even old man, have you considered priesthood?  There is a special place in my heart, for the dude out there, who thinks he doesn't fit the mold,..well nor do I, and neither did any of the disciples.  Are there scandals?  Yes!  Every facet and aspect of humanity is laced with scandals, betrayal, and general wounds, but through it all, the Church survives!  God calls imperfect men to 'Come follow Me!'  However, are you listening?  Perhaps you were like me?  Partying, playing around, wanting money, girls, none of it permanent... the Charlie Sheen lifestyle.  Well, here is a news flash!  Our Lord won't stop tugging on your heart, He will put people on your road, and when the time comes, and you still haven't said yes,..He'll light a match,..actually more like a fuse right up your ass!  Then you can still say no, and what will happen?  Well, you'll marry (maybe?), have kids? (maybe) and have a mid life crisis at 40, then more than likely start cheating on your wife, get a divorce, and end up miserable and alone!  Why did this happen?  You'll ask in whimpery tone of voice!  Because that is where you weren't supposed to be!  Period!  Obviously this message is for the guys that are called, and you know who you are.  Why?  Because Jesus knows where you will be truly happy!  That's why!

Some of you feel unworthy, well guess what?  So do I!  Some of you will argue with Jesus, that you'll give Him the permanent diaconate,..then you find out that telling God what you'll do is insane.  Some of you will eventually give in, and say, well,..I will give it a try, (hoping that it is not your place!)  and secretly 'angry' that you are finding yourself at peace.  Some of you will fall with a woman, or another vice and satan will begin to play games in your mind, but guess what?  The Sacrament of Reconciliation is there, that little light is the most welcome sign you could ever imagine!  The devil fears priests!  They are God's holy warriors!  No priest equals no Eucharist, its that simple!

For the men coming in this coming August, I say God bless you for accepting to discern!  Already that's the first step, telling God, 'I'm here, I'm available, What do You want me to do?'  (Shout out to Fr Bertand Montpetit for that one! BTW, an awesome holy priest who is is real!)  Do not get discouraged, Do not be afraid, give it all to Jesus, and all will be made clear to you!  God Bless you and may Mary keep you!

St Jean Viannay,.............................................ora pro nobis!

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