Thursday, May 6, 2010

Faith in Lord Stanley's Cup...

To begin this title is a little misleading, but it should grab the attention of my readership quickly. I'll begin with some reader's digest bulletpoints of who I am and a little of my personality. I am Canadian, fluently bilingual living in Quebec, a passionate Catholic, socially very conservative, and possess the temperament of a huge Montreal Canadiens fan/with a heavy accented WWE pro wrestling attitude. I do not pretend to be politically correct and if you have read my introductory blurb, you can surely see that I live that moniker.

While watching the NHL playoffs, I've made it a point to watch the pregame ceremonies which in Montreal, can have all the pageantry of a Papal High Mass. I don't mean to be blasphemous, I just want to hammer a point regarding not only its entertainment value, but also its beauty. The announcers on one of the pre game shows made references to certain quirks and rituals that players often engage in before hitting the ice. For instance, Patrick Roy used to speak to his goalposts, and later Jose Theodore and Mike Rebeiro would play soccer in the hallway. All little things that the announcers made light of,.but that I could not stop thinking about. Father Gabriel Amorth, the chief exorcist in Rome once remarked, that when Faith declines, superstition increases. Enter Josh Gorges.

Everytime Josh Gorges steps onto the ice, he makes the Sign of the Cross. Now the Lord asks us not to judge, but I still can't stop wondering. Why does he do it? As Catholics, no doubt we are used to getting dragged through the dirt on nearly every issue, stuff that other faiths would not tolerate, (Britney Spears' Rosary Necklace...)but is this an act of sincerety, not just another superstition? Everytime, a member of the Faithful makes the Sign of the Cross, we communicate by our body language a particular witness. We at once recall our Baptism, making us children of the Father, and affirming our belief in the Ressurection. Hopefully, this is what Mr. Gorges attests to. The danger of equating the Sign of the Cross with superstition, is that one can make of it a magic formula, instead of a living witness. Hopefully one day, Josh Gorges will be given the opportunity to articulate his Faith, so that sadly it will never be questioned, or equated with other forms of superstition.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,...Have mercy on us!


Patrick said...

And when he goes to the "sin bin," would he have to say ten Our Father's for high-sticking? Twenty if he draws blood?

(Hockey player myself. A goalie. My "superstition" was to put on all my pads left-side first, and to "bless" my crease with my water bottle.)

Patrick said...

Yeah, after reading this post, I just HAD to write this little thing on Catholicism and hockey...

Patrick said...

Sorry, I had to take down that blog post. I think I went a little too far with it, and it might upset some of my more conservative readers. But let's share that laugh with Him... I'm sure He's a hockey fan, too.

Do feel free to repost, as I think you'll be able to get away with this at your blog than on mine... just credit me!

Ten Things if Hockey and Catholicism Merged:

10. Parishioners would have the same playoff fervor for Lent and Advent

9. Church bulletins would track each priest's save percentage

8. Major and minor penalties would be renamed "mortal" and "venial"

7. Instead of penalty minutes, penance would be assigned: ten Hail Marys for high sticking, twenty if blood gets drawn

6. No more hotdogs, nachos, pretzels, or beer--the Knights of Columbus would corner the concessions serving fish dinners, pancakes, donuts, and coffee

5. Instead of the anthems, each game will begin with the recitation of the Apostle's Creed

4. Instead of the sanctus bells ringing during the Consecration, they blare the fog horn

3. You get Canonized into the Hall of Fame

2. The Popemobile is a Zamboni

1. The Stanley Chalice