Saturday, April 24, 2010

Anger Management and the Wisdom of Optimus Prime

Every few posts or so, I get the opportunity to spolight my own insecurities, fears, aspirations and petpeeves. Well this is one of them. Please excuse the irratic nature of these blog posts, in a sense it becomes a spring cleaning of the mind.

'Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.' That quote belongs to eighties pop icon and cartoon father figure Optimus Prime. That being said, the next question comes to mind,..what is freedom? Well,.if you read this blog regularly and take notice of the theological undercurrent, you'll know that what is meant by freedom is in actuality the ability to will the intellect over the sense. (We can freely know that broccoli is good for us, but our senses prefer candy...)

Up until recently I had been training at the gym with a friend, who acted more as my psychologist than a training partner, and these types of questions kept surfacing. What attracted me to this person was the fact that here was another individual who over intellectualized nearly every decision in life. Our question remains, everybody really happy? And(Yes, I just began a sentence with 'and.')why can't the world just freakin get it?!?!? The answer comes back to Optimus. You see, our whole life can either be the sum total of sensual experiences, or we can be part of that four percent who actually make a free decision, complete and of the will. Other than that, we engage in license, with our smile being constantly sustained by whatever sense is appeased at that moment. Why did I reference this friend, because we were the only two without smiles,..all the while understanding the dark satire that is Family Guy!

St Jude,..patron saint of hopeless causes,...pray for us!


brother Joseph, SFO said...

Peace to you Marco. I think we are kindred souls - always in my head to. Big ideas, freedom and free will. St. Paul talked about it a bit but God seems to want us to try to figure it out. If you have only one choice then, is it free will? If you've sold your soul to the flesh, the world and the flesh then you must do what they want. If you choose to follow Jesus then you can choose Him or the devil. Kind of interesting. I've found freedom in jesus. Peace brother. Check out my new blog

Marco said...

Thanks, Brother Joseph!!!