Thursday, April 8, 2010

Liberalism Metastisised

Alright kiddies time for another blog filled with opinion, venom and vitriol(is that a word?). This past week I found myself contemplating our Western mindset within the greater context of liberalism, the agenda and its eventual results. What I am concluding is that this very notion within the Church, society(especially where I live) and philosophy has tremendous consequences especially in light of its 'rethinking' of certain norms. I think anyone with half a brain can easily conclude that this experiment in the absurd has gone perilously off its tracks.

What am I talking about? Well last week I wrote a piece about the theology of priesthood. Now as I've mentioned before, the hatemail started coming in, flooding my junk 'inbox' as a ship taking on water. To recap, I've mentioned that a blog has a comments section in order to induce dialogue, yet no one seems to try to put forward their opinion especially if they disagree. So that being said, the cowards put forth accusations such as pedophile protector, abuse cover up defender, so on and so forth, you get the picture. Welllll, never at a loss for words, I will once again try to diagnose the reality we are living. So-called catholics, the social justice variety called me 'closed minded' regarding the ordination of women. I returned there illogical argument calling them closed minded regarding the pregnancy/motherhood of men. 'Priests should be married!', they shouted. I answered that if they were called to marriage they would be, and that issue is a discipline, not a dogma! Finally if these issues were settled the way they 'feel' they should be, there would be no pedophile problem. Hmmm, really? Not taking anything away from the victims, but they are overwhelmingly male and post pubescant. That's not pedophilia. period. exclamation mark.

The final kicker in their warped view of reality was this quote,..'I was Catholic but I couldn't remain in a Church that was so corrupted.' To that I responded,.'I agree! I used to believe in mathematics, but my teachers were all selling drugs, so I don't believe in math anymore!' I think you understand my sarcasm. To conclude this rant, cause well, that is what it turned into,..I am not going to put forth any numbers, instead I'm gonna let my readership do their own homework, but I will make the following claims

- Not that it matters, because all sin is evil. But there are more pedophile cases among protestant clergy than Catholic priests. My question,.Why is only the Catholic Church singled out?

-Not that it matters, but there are more pedophile teachers and people in the educational system abusing children than there are priest cases. Again why is only the Catholic Church singled out? Does the person who stopped being Catholic not send the kids to school?

-Not that it matters, there are more coaches in amateur sports abusing children than than priest abuse cases.

Do you get my point? The attack is upon orthodox Catholicism. The perpetrators are heterodox catholics masquering marxism under the guise of 'social justice.' Don't believe me? Then ask yourself the question, why do most abuse cases happen in the most dangerously liberal dioceses.(Los Angeles) But why did Cardinal Law occupy more media time than Cardinal Mahoney? The answer is because the latter agrees with heterodoxy, so 'Call to Action' and the rest of the communists give him a pass.

I've ranted enough, ADD kicked in way too early this time.

God Bless

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