Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Battle on the Homefront

It would seem all too easy no to comment about the current 'language tension' in and around my 'belle province' and supported by such luminaries as the Societe Saint Jean Baptiste as well as other fringe political zealots bordering on extreme cases of paranoia. Okay, so now that we know that his post will be more political (domestically), I will provide a primer for my international readers. First off I am completely bilingual. I choose to blog in english simply because of the law of supply and demand, in other words, more readership. That being said, I consider myself a proud Canadian and a proud Quebecer. (The latter has not been defined as to 'who' constitutes a real Quebecer.

A recent case came up whereby, the 'federalist' liberal party of Quebec had to rule restricting the number of french children allowed to seek education in english!! Translation,.if you're french-Canadian, you have no choice but to send your kids to french school, but if you're english, the choice is up to you!!! WOW!! This comes from a federalist provincial party, not the separatissssss. I hope everyone in bloggerland can see the absurdity in this equation. Oh yeah, all in the name of protecting culture and language! Ahh, living in Quebexico, and they wonder why...

Patron saint of common sense,(is there one?) Pray for us!


TH2 said...

Marco: We are still experiencing the inimical consequences of the Prince of Antinomian Criminals: Trudeau.

Marco said...

Merci pour vos commentaires 'Chasseur D'erreurs' lol!!!

JP said...


Are you sure Duplessis didn't have anything to do with the present state of affairs in la Belle Province?


GK Chesterton, although not (yet) a saint, has been referred to as the "Apostle of Common Sense".