Monday, June 13, 2011

Exorcism,..the Sequel...

A recent email caught my attention recently regarding my opinion on certain realities seldom discussed within the local Church while at the same time spoken about openly by the Pope and the Magisterium.  The context was an online discussion from an earlier blog post 'Catholic Kung Fu' and whether or not the demonic can oppress if not downright possess you.  The short answer is yes!

Today's recent fads have been compared to a pre flood old Testament era.  Where I live in Montreal, we have become so secularized that eventually we'll start questioning the truth of gravity because after all according to most psychologists and pseudo-theologians,..truth doesn't exist or is divisive..Sooooooooo, that being said let's call out the enemy,.satan, the devil.  Although defeated through the passion death and Ressurection of Jesus, satan seeks to ruin as many souls as possible, and the main avenue he uses is pretending he doesn't exist under the guise of modernism.  Most modern 'spirit of VII' priests would rather talk about the parish golf tournament organized by Sister Owlmoondance and sponsored by the Canadian Centre for Yoga Enlightenment...(Yeah,..and they wonder how the devil gets in!)  ADD kicking in again, let's build our primer as to who or what the devil is.

First off the devil is an angel.  A fallen angel.  He possesses angelic intellect and from all eternity has chosen against God.  The devil seeks to confuse you, cause doubt, lose your faith and ultimately lose your soul,..the same soul that was won for you on the Cross by Christ.  The danger lies not so much in the full on frontal assault, but in the whispers and temptations faced by everyday people. Three ways, the devil attacks...

Temptation:  An attack whereby a situation, action or event looks enticing, illiciting a 'good' but ultimate results in guilt or regret.  The less the guilt, the more trapped the individual becomes, until ultimately they accept the vice and thus harden themselves by convincing themselves that this behaviour is 'normal.'  (I just described myself!)

Oppression:  A different kind of attack,.a little more 'extraordinary' but ultimately the result of an open 'door.'  Usually this is a prequel to full blown possession.  How does this happen?  Welllllllll,...hmm,..let's see,.big deep breath,..and here we go!  New age, ouija boards, horoscopes, tarot cards, eastern religions, seances, pornography, fortune telling, voodoo, Oprah, (yes her philosophical crap,..) Tom Cruise,..(yes, his philosophical crap...) and any other avenue attempting to umlock future events, manipulate nature or control other people.

Possession:  The grand poobah of them all!!!  How does it happen?  Well,.easily said by looking above and nurturing the 'oppression' part and then marinating upon its effects.  The demonic can enter and take over a person's physical body, thoughts and actions.  The other action undertaken often in today's 'me' age, is the reality of pregnant women cursing their children in the womb.  (Too often people especially in the liberal crowd, forget that blessing is the opposite of cursing,.)  The will, however remains always free. 

How to avoid these three?  The formula is simple yet hard...Trust in God, partake of the Eucharist, frequent the Sacrament of Reconciliation and avoid the occult.  Yes, there have been instances whereby God has allowed a possession to take place in order to show humanity its ugly reality.  (Annelise Michel,.aka Emily Rose comes to mind)  Sometimes an unwilling relative or friend will bring back an amulet or buddha without realising its nasty effect and how having these things can act as portals or gateways.  Should oppression or possession occur, consult with your local priest, a prayer of deliverance may be said over you,..and allow your will to truly conform to God's will and plan for your life.  In the case of possession, a psychiatrist may be brought in to evaluate the person's lucidity as well as run another battery of tests.  After that, the local Bishop will make a decision and contact the exorcist priest in order to prepare.  It is important to note that every diocese has one exorcist priest,..(you hear that modernist social justice marxist heterodox crowd!!)  Screaming is one thing, but levitation and speaking in ancient aramaic?  Yeah,.. I would argue it would be time to call the parish office.

With our world, especially the west literally going to hell, we are now seeing a rise in occult activity.  People are going to witch doctors and consulting horoscopes instead of just praying to God.  Life is about redemptive suffering, meditate on the Cross.    The Church of Oprah headed by Bishop Eckert Tolle along with parker brothers producing their own version of the ouija board should sound off alarms in anyone who is of sane mind...that's all for now...

St. Michael the Archangel,.......Ora pro nobis


Patrick Button said...

It is always important to be reminded of the existence of demons and their plans. Great post!

St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle!

Teresa said...

We must never forget that Satan exists and is waiting to prey on us and lure us into his lair. Prayer is very important in our fight against the devil. Excellent post!

Left-footer said...

Marco - As the ancient Greeks used to say, "Those whom the gods (devils) wish to destroy, they first drive mad", and what a bunch of nutters we have running the world now.

Your advice is, as ever, wise and thoughtful.

In charity we must pray for these lost, deluded people.