Sunday, September 18, 2011

Liberal Openness,..and Other Things that Make me Throw up...

Over the last week, I have followed the latest in the Vatican/SSPX talks in hopes for a mutual reconciliation and finally a normalizing of this priestly fraternity.  A couple of years ago, the Holy See lifted the excommunications on the Society, (some would even argue if they were really even excommunicated...) and thus started the process back to reunification.  Most in the Church are praying,..because well schism is not good.   But as always,.there are some that aren't praying for this reunification, cause well, it would imply a certain 'mindset' in the Vatican.  That mindset of course is a Catholic one!!!

Yup, I guess you've guessed that the ones opposed to this reunification are the same people who would love to see a unification of hmmm, let's see Catholics and Hindus,.we could call them 'Hindolicsim!'  (The Pope could say he was reincarnated upward from being a snow owl in a previous life in order to bring the Eucharistic 'meal' to the various caste systems!)  Or maybe they'd like to see a Catholic Muslim hybrid?  'Cathslam'  The only religion whereby metaphysics completely goes out the window!  C'mon liberals get into the 'spirit!'  See how open minded I'm becoming?  Aren't you proud?  Then why is it you only desire tolerance and open mindedness to everybody except the CATHOLIC FAITHFUL!!!  You retrograde 1960s throwaways are the most absurd bunch of burnouts I've ever come into contact with!!!  You'll tolerate a dude wanting to blow himself up in the name of God, claiming that culturally we don't understand him,..yet at the same time, you won't tolerate Marian piety especially among seminarians giving them the code word,.'rigid.'  I've got another codeword,..I call them 'Catholic!'  You know the authentic Christian Faith that was passed down to them from the Apostles who were ordained at the Last Supper???  

Our Lord prayed that his Church may be one as He and the Father are One.  That being said,.reunification with the SSPX is something that all Catholics can pray for.  Perhaps offering a Rosary or even a Mass.  Our Holy Father Benedict XVI has been working overtime under the direction of the Holy Spirit trying to undo false notions and theories that had absolutely NOTHING to do with Vatican II.  Let us pray that the SSPX who consecrated four Bishops without approval of the Holy See (Which is wrong!) and the Vatican (which has presented its terms in form of a document, contents unknown,..) can reach an agreement and relations can be normalized.  As far as the freakos and creepos still running the 'Liturgy Commitee' (Wtf is that anyway?)  the heterodox nuns or woman religious or faithful hermaphrodites or whatever they want to call themselves teaching Yoga, Reiki and even Kama Sutra,..they can all go and,...(won't finish the sentence...;))

I am asking everybody to pray for me as I discern priesthood.  The more I study and even as an external student, the more I find my soul at peace.  Does this mean my writing style will change?  At first I thought it would,..(see a few posts down 'Coffee Break or Crescent Kick?) whereby I say it.  I have since prayed about it.  If God is calling me to priesthood,..He is calling me not to change my approach.  I'm still the Catholic, MMA, Transformers, Social Conservative Dude with big arms, and guess what?  Our Lord and Our Lady must have one great sense of humour!   The call to Holiness is universal,..but as has been said before,..'meekness is NOT weakness!

St Padre Pio,...........Ora pro nobis!


Left-footer said...

Once again you hit the nail well and truly on the head. Great!

I too am praying, of course, for the end of this terrible estrangement.

Keep up the good work, and God bless.

Suzanne said...

We need brawny men in the priesthood. Men need to know that they can follow their vocations and not sacrifice their masculinity. I'm sure it's one of the main reasons we have a vocations crisis.